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Have you ever thought that why most of the people use Android mobile only, then the answer is in simple language that you can get Android mobile for very less money and by using it you can do almost all the work from your own mobile. Which can be done by a Computer / Laptop such as Video Edition, Photo Edition, 2D Animation, Whiteboard Video Making, in this way you can do things for free from your mobile itself, so in today’s post we will tell you Best Whiteboard Video Maker Tools For Android I’m going to tell you about.

You do not need a more expensive Smartphone to use these apps, if you are using any Android Mobile even up to 15 thousand rupees, then you can easily make Whiteboard Animation Video, yes just for the first few days you will have to use these Whiteboard Animation You will have to learn how to use Video Maker Apps. Learning to operate these apps is not a rocket science thing, if you know how to operate a smartphone, then you will learn everything by making Animation Videos or you can use their Whiteboard Animation Video Tutorials on YouTube. You can see that all these things can be learned from there.

You can also download all the apps that we have told you about Whiteboard Video Maker Apps here for free, some of these apps will be available only on Google Play Store, to download some apps you need a little. You may have to work hard because there are some Paid Apps, for which we cannot give you the Download Link here and you can create very good Animation Videos even from those Free Whiteboard Animation Apps, for which you have to spend any money. Wouldn’t even need it.

Best Whiteboard Video Maker Tools For Android

If you have one YouTube Channel You want to start the judge on which you want to upload Animation Video but you do not know how to make Whiteboard Animation Video? So it is not necessary that you have a high specification computer or Laptop Yes, you can do these things from your mobile too, just for that you have to Best Whiteboard Animation Apps There should be information about YouTube But you will be able to earn money from your channel.

If you have Biography Channel on YouTube, Study Channel If you want to run or make a Promotion Ads Video of your product, then you can make very good videos using this software, for this you must write a script before making a video because without script, if you edit the video. If you do, you will not be able to make such a good video, so first you have to write the script and then edit the video accordingly.

At this time due to covid many schools and colleges are still in Online Study It is done in which children’s education is not done well, if you are a teacher, then you can teach children with the help of Whiteboard Animation and children will also like to read because of this animation and whatever you will explain the concept. All your students will be able to understand it in a better way because it has been seen that the students are according to what they read from the book. Animation Understand the things told by them better.

1. Explain Everything Whiteboard

In today’s online time, efforts are being made to bring every little thing online, there are many such institutes where online study is being done, so if you have any Presentation If you want to make, you can use this application, you will find this app on Google Play Store, the school has been downloaded by more than 5 lakh people.

With the help of this app, we can create our own Whiteboard Animation with a Face Video, inside which we can use Pie Chart, Animated Video, Texts, all these elements, when we make a video using all of these, then here your voice You can also give Voice Over to record.

But in this app you will get to use Limited Elements with Free Version only, if you want to use all the Elements then you may have to take Paid Version for that.

Download Everything App

2. VideoScribe – Whiteboard Video Maker

This application was considered to be the best for making Whiteboard Animation Video from mobile, but then do not know why Sparkol Company stopped supporting this application for Android Device, that is why you can not download this application from Google Play Store now, but When you go to Google and search Videoscribe App Download For Android then you can download and use this application.


All the Whiteboard Animation Video Bali YouTube channel you will see on YouTube, most of them make videos using this application, there are some channels that have subscribed more than 1 million.

With the help of this application, you can make Creative Animation Video and it is very easy to use it, when you use it once or twice, you will gradually start to understand everything, after the video is made, you can see it in it. You can also put your voice, for that you have to use the Voice Over feature.

For professional video editing Top 10 Video Editing Software

3. FlipaClip

To make Whiteboard Animation, this application is available for both Android & iOS devices, you can download it for free, you do not need to pay any money for that, I like to use this application very much because it has You can make good animation videos within a very short time.

If you want to make animation video using the application, then you have to download it from your mobile. Voice Record You can also use the done audio and if you want to record and put any new audio, then that can also be done, along with this you can do it in your video. Sound Effects You can also apply, for that you do not need to download any Sound Fx from outside, in this application you get it, you just have to download it by clicking on the down button and you want to use China effect too. He can.

Download FlipaClip

4. Benime – Whiteboard Animation Maker

If you need an Animation Video Maker App for Android mobile, then you can download this application for that, in this application you will get to see many such features which are given to you only in Paid Apps. All the elements are given in this app to make animation video, you do not have to download anything separately.

This app also has some special features like Text To Speech This means that if you have written some things and you want that the written thing itself starts speaking by turning it into sound, then that can also be done from this application and also if you have to write your Whiteboard Video If any background is needed for this image, then it can also be downloaded from this application.

And after the video is made, you can make it in High Quality ie 1080P MP4 Now you must be thinking that how to download it, then to download this app, you have to go to Google Play Store and search there by typing the name of this application, first you will see this application. Then you can download it.

Download Benime

5. Wideo – Whiteboard Doodle Animation Video Maker

Whiteboard Animations Video making app from mobile is also called handwriting video making app when this application came in 2015-16 then it was known as hand writing app only at that time first few There were only applications, they were used, but now many such applications have come which work very well, one of them is this Wideo App, which many people like to use.



Here you can also change the hand that you write on the white board, as if you want to touch a woman’s hand, you can apply it, but if you want to show a man’s hand, then that can also be done. And the color of the hands of both of them can also be changed.

Very beautiful graphics are available here, using which you can make a video with text and then later if you want to give any voice over in it, then you can also record your voice in it or in its place if you have any. If you want to apply background music, then that can also be applied.

Download Wideo

Benefits of making Whiteboard Animation Video:-

Some people believe that why we should make this Whiteboard Animation Videos because it takes you a little time to make it and it depends on your creative mind, how you think and make the video in making such videos. Even if it takes some hard work, but you also get many benefits from it, which we have told you below.

  1. If you want to upload a video on YouTube channel without showing your face, then this application can help you a lot, from here you will also make a video and you will not even need to show your face.
  2. If you still make Face cam video, then once you make this Whiteboard Animation Video and watch it because it is believed that people like to see the end of this type of video, due to which the watch time increases.
  3. If you have a brand or product, then you can also create a promotion video for it from here.
  4. If you are looking to earn money and know how to use this application well, then you can earn money by making Whiteboard Animation Videos on Freelance.

In today’s post we Best Whiteboard Video Maker Apps If you have any question related to this, then you can ask us in the comment box below and if you want to see anything about mobile or internet, then you can tell us in the comment box. We will try soon to teach you about it through that article.

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