Banni Chow Home Delivery June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni challenges Niyati

Banni Chow Home Delivery June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni challenges Niyati

Banni Chow Home Delivery June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni challenges Niyati

Banni Chow Home Delivery June 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Banni teaches Yuvan to dance. Bin Kuch Kahe Bin Kuch Sune.. Song is playing in the background. Both enjoy each other’s company. Manini and Niyati grin at her. They come in and Manini asks why they are singing and dancing alone. Banni says that Yuvan wanted to surprise Niyati with a dance performance during their engagement. Niyati says there is no need and drags Banni out. She says that she didn’t like dancing with Yuvan and asks that she felt bad and weird when she saw a girl who was delivering food home reached Yuvan’s bedroom and taught him how to dance. Banni says her thinking is dirty imagining that Yuvan is an innocent boy who wants to learn to dance.

Niyati warns Banni not to change her philosophy as she is marrying Yuvan who is an adult and would be romanced and have children. Banni says that Yuvan only needs love and is like a child. She asks the servant to get Yuvan’s food as it is time to feed him. Devraj goes to them and asks what’s going on. Niyati complains that she’s trying to take care of Yuvan, but Banni stops her. Banni tells her to feed Yuvan without any problems, then she will never enter this house, otherwise nobody can prevent her from visiting this house again and feeding her customer with food. Niyati grins at Manini and accepts Banni’s challenge.

Manini goes to Yuvan’s room. Yuvan gets scared to see her. Manini asks him to calm down, saying that Banni injured his hand and went to the doctor so Niyati will feed him food. Yuvan says that he will not have food from the dirty girl Niyati’s hand and would only have food from Banni’s hand. Manini scares him by shooting the arrows and asks him if he would like his friend to get hurt more. Yuvan says no. She asks him to get food from Niyati’s hand and leaves a note for Niyati to make sure Banni doesn’t enter Yuvan’s room.

Niyati warns Banni not to enter Yuvan’s room until she has finished feeding him and brought the food to Yuvan’s room. Devraj thinks let him see how she will feed Yuvan and hopes Yuvan has nothing to eat otherwise Banni won’t come back to him. Yuvan resists eating. Niyati says Banni prepared food. Yuvan says he will have it since Banni is injured and has seen a doctor. She bites towards his mouth. He stops her and asks when Banni is coming from the doctor. She definitely says tomorrow. He says he’ll have something to eat then. Devraj asks Banni to approach the door and listen to Niyati. She does. Yuvan hears Banni’s anklets jingle and says Banni is here. Niyati tries to stop him. Yuvan breaks free and Niyati falls.

Manini with Banni and Devraj enter. Yuvan asks Banni where she is hurt when Manini informs him that she is hurt. Devraj says Niyati is injured instead. Manini scolds Yuvan for pushing Niyati to the ground and injuring her. Yuvan says Niyati held his hand forcibly and says even Manini showed her bad manners by lying to him. Banni stops him and asks him to apologize to Niyati. Yuvan asks her to feed him first. Manini threatens to apologize first or she won’t get any food. Banni confronts Manini for bending low to prove her words, saying that since Yuvan is not her own son, she didn’t even realize Yuvan was hungry. She challenges Manini that she will visit Yuvan daily and serve him food.

Prelude: Myra hopes Banni will marry Yuvan. Banni enters the house and steps on red paint. Devraj and his sister say that Myra’s words will soon come true. An idiot takes his alliance for Banni.

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