Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Oct 15, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Vrinda gives Karva Chauth Sargi/gift to Bunny and says that this is Bunny’s first Karva Chauth and that it is very special for her as she is struggling to make a respectable life for her husband. She tells him that she should fast for the whole day and break the fast by seeing her moon and her husband’s face and eating kheer from her husband’s hand. Bunny prays to God that Yuvan’s surgery will be easy and heal him as soon as possible. Manini thinks Bunny’s Karva Chauth won’t help her since Yuvan is under her control and her life is in danger. Viraj asks Charmi not to fast this year because she is pregnant. Charmi says that she will not stay with Nirjala Vrat / Nirjala Vrat and that she will drink almond and cashew milk regularly. Viraj says that he will also drink milk with her. Yuvan overhears this and thinks that Viraj is younger than him but very mature, hoping that he can also take care of Bunny.

Bunny tells Yuvan about her special day. Yuvan insists on fasting with her. Bunny says she can’t be like her competition today. Yuvan is sad because he can’t do anything for her. Bunny questions why she says that. Yuvan says that she will go and prepare for the competition. Bunny thinks that Yuvan is very special to the family and she hopes that she will recover soon after the surgery and lead a normal life. Yuvan visits the studio and breaks down in tears remembering Manini and Agastya’s words while she was doing her makeup. Devraj enters. Yuvan says the makeup got into his eyes. Devraj is sad thinking that he couldn’t raise Yuvan well and harassed him with Manini. He will kick Manini out of the house once Yuvan recovers.

Manini also goes to the studio with Viraj. Viraj tells him that a new doctor is treating Yuvan and according to him, Yuvan can recover after the surgery. Manini orders him to execute his plan, otherwise he will be out of the race for the property. She thinks that she can’t let Bunny win and that’s why Yuvan will have to die. Bunny puts a moon sticker on Yuvan’s jacket and hurts his finger. Agastya is worried seeing this. Bunny gets excited and tells him to let her finish it since Yuvan won’t ask her to make Chanda Mama/Chand stickers for her again. Agastya says that she may not ask him to do this, but she will show him the real moon and describe how they first fought and then became friends. Bunny remembers her first meeting and friendship with Yuvan. Agastya remembers her first meeting and friendship with Bunny. She goes on to describe how friendship turned into love and she became her beau.

Bunny sees Yuvan reciting a poem to Agastya and takes his hand. She then regains consciousness and withdraws her hands. Agastya says that she meant that Yuvan will never forget her. Bunny goes to give Yuvan the jacket. She notices Devraj and says that she is sure Yuvan will do well this time too. Devraj hopes that Yuvan doesn’t draw attention away from her. Yuvan hugs Manini and shares her sorrows with her. Manini says that she should accompany him to the world of the stars since nobody here cares about her. Yuvan asks if he wants to see Bunny. Manini says that just as she used to look up at the stars to see his mom, his mom used to look at him embarrassed. Yuvan remembers that Agastya said that he is risking Bunny’s life and says that he will go to the stars with mom. Manini says that she should first write a letter to Bunny telling him that she is not right for him and he realized that she likes Agastya, so he is getting too far away from her. young man agrees. Manini feels that after reading Yuvaan’s suicide note, Bunny will feel guilty and blame herself for her death.

Precap: Yvonne writes Bunny a letter saying that she is leaving forever because she is not right for him. Manini thinks that Bunny will be in the crime that Yuvaan is not in this world because of her. Yuvan Channa Mereya first. After kissing Geet on stage and Bunny’s cheek, he quietly leaves.

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