Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya’s plan fails

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya’s plan fails

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya’s plan fails

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 Feb 2, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Nandini says I don’t want to upset Priya, Avni, go to Priya. She says that the bride and groom should not meet face to face before marriage, Avni, go with Priya. Priya says oh no I had to meet Swati ok Avni has a short day I will be with her. They van Nandini says leave Sid see Priya can’t stop your marriage because of Ram she finds Swati otherwise she will reveal the truth. She asks him to come. Swati leaves. Priya and Avni come to meet her. Swati says that today is your marriage, Avni. Avni hugs him and apologizes. Swati says come in, tell me why you came. Priya says we need your help.

Priya asks if you will keep Avni with you, we are doing this to save Lakhan, I will tell you when to take Avni out, I can’t trust anyone, for the sake of my next baby, for the sake of Ram and Lakhan. I promise you that I will do everything right. Swati agrees. Priya reaches out to Yash and Veena. She says Avni… They ask what happened. Shubham shows Sid the clothes. Sid says that Priya is dangerous, that she will do something. Shubham says easy, once the marriage is done there is nothing Priya can do. Ram comes to Yash’s house and asks if you are alright Priya if Avni is not there. Priya says that Avni took my help to escape, she left me a letter, I asked Adi to find her, I felt bad and came here. Yash asks what the letter is. Ram reads Avni’s letter. Ram learns that Avni is in love with Lakhan. He asks Yash what this is all about. Sid says that I have thought a lot, the time has come to act, if Priya does something, she will have to die. Shubham asks what are you saying. Sid says we don’t have a choice. Shubham says no, we’re not murderers. Sid says we’ll make up, I’ll get what I want, Priya is trying to defy me, she’ll give her life and pay for it. Ram says I will get Avni come with me. She asks where. She says that I know where she is, she is with Swati. Yash asks what. Priya asks if you know where Swati is. Ram says that you asked me if she would send my mother to suffer, no, she had arranged a house and a job for her, I can’t accept that she cheated on me, but I will take my responsibility.

Priya gets worried and asks why you didn’t tell me about her, you know where she lives. He says yes, she goes to jail to meet Lakhan every day, Swati has brainwashed Avni so that Yash has no choice but to release Lakhan from jail. He asks Priya to come back home and not to worry. She thinks no, Ram can’t go there alone. Yash asks how Avni can spoil my respect. Priya says that we should release Lakhan from jail, Avni is not a little girl, Yash ji has kept it from us. Ram asks him to come. Yash says I respect you a lot, but this is a family matter. She says no, Lakhan is Ram’s brother. Ram asks him to come. Sid and Shubham come. Sid asks what happened, everything is fine. Yash and Veena say yes. Yash worries that Sid will refuse to marry Avni. Priya says yes, Sid came when he came to pick up Avni. Ram says that Sid has no patience. Sid asks where Avni is. Priya worries. She thinks that if he is wrong then she will do something. Sid leaves and says that I will not leave Priya. He gets a message from Shubham. He says I know where Ram and Priya are, be ready to pay the price. Ram asks Priya where Avni is. She says with Swati Maa. Ram says you knew this, you did this. She asks him to explain. He says it’s fine. She hugs him. Sid comes there. He gets angry. Priya says that everything will be fine. Ram says I know, you are with me. Sid thinks about what she’s going to do. Pihu says that this is my happy family. Meera says it’s beautiful. Sara says it’s for the best. Pihu says the best he can. He gets hurt. she cries. Meera comforts her. She says that I will call Priya. Ram asks Priya what plan he had with Avni.

Priya gets a call. Ram and Priya leave. Sid says how to find out the plan from him. Ram and Priya return home and comfort Pihu. Pihu says sorry. Meera takes Pihu with her. Ram and Priya smile seeing Pihu. Pihu runs up to them and hugs them.

Sid hires goons to kill Priya. Ram asks Nandini to call the police. Priya asks Nandini not to threaten them anymore.

Update Credits: Amina

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