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Episode starts with Priya going out to see Ram. Akki goes to Vedika’s room. Nandini smiled. Priya called out to Ram. Akki asks did you not sleep. She says I was in search of Ram. He says yes, Ram was talking to Adi for business work, you are not well. He takes her. Nandini thinks that Akki will lie to Priya for Ram’s sake, Akki’s lead role in Kal Chuda Rasam. Ram says I should go now, Priya will be waiting. he goes. Nandini says Akshay has seen us. Vedika says good, Ram’s reputation will change in front of Priya, it will be fun. Akki asks Priya to take rest. She asks him to go and sleep. He says I went to get ice cream for Shivi. She says that Ram and Shiva eat strange things at night. Ram says you are still awake. Ram says everyone is awake, Priya was looking outside for you. he goes. Ram thinks of telling the truth to Priya. Priya asks him to speak the truth. She asks did it happen that you know that your client is lying and didn’t ask her anything, what do you do to clear that topic. He asks why are you asking like this. She says someone needs help in my college, its fine if you can say no. Ram says one can lie sometimes, maybe it is necessary to hide things. He tells about his client who was behaving strangely. He says I knew that he likes to eat like me. He says I eased him and then asked him, he told me everything, when you make a person happy and ask him, the thing is not hidden. She says everything is fine. They say it has been a long time, we are together, today you have to remove the bangles, our relationship has become old. She thinks that it is not old, it has become a habit. He smiles and thinks that he will tell her the truth soon. She thinks she’s a businesswoman and knows how to get an answer, I’ll use it on her, how, what coupon she used. He misses his words. She wonders what is left now.

She thinks of using the right coupon, she should be in a good mood, maybe she didn’t use the rain coupon, how will it rain now. Everybody eats. Akki and Shivi argue. Priya asks about rain. Ram thinks. Nandini comes and asks Shivi to come for chuda rasam. Priya asks Ram to use his rain coupon, otherwise it will never rain. He thinks she forgot I have already used it, it is good. The jeweler gives the bangles for polishing. Akki says yes, keep it inside. Vedika comes and takes the box. She thanks the man and leaves. The man gives the receipt. Vedika takes that too. She goes. Akki feels that she is acting as if she is the mistress of the house.

Vedika checks the arrangement. She says Adi, Pooja will happen first, don’t make drink program. Sara says she will become a big problem. Brinda says yes. Sara says we have to close this chapter. Brinda says I have a plan. Priya asks what is the plan. She says actually I also want to play something for Ram. Brinda actually asks. Priya says yes. Brinda says I don’t know plan, tell me what Ram likes, don’t say anything expensive. Brinda says that Ram likes… expensive things don’t matter to her, anything that makes her happy. Priya thinks I don’t know what I am for her, she lied to me, even I am going to lie to her so that I accept her as truth. Ram comes down. Priya looks at him. Brinda asks how much will you stare at her. Priya says no, I was looking for mother. Vedika asks Ram to come for the rasam. Brinda and Sara go to Vedika. Brinda says Shiva will do rasam. Shivi and Akki come. Seeing the chuda rasam, Ram smiles. Nandini says we all will take out bangles now. Meera blesses Priya. Everyone does the rituals. Priya thinks about her marriage and moments with Ram. My Sajna….Drama….

Ram brings bangles for Priya. He says this is my mother’s bangles, this is my father’s love sign, I get emotional, I am fine, these bangles will look good in Priya’s hands. Priya remembers Brinda’s words. Akki thinks it is just one bangle, the jeweler got two bangles, does Vedika… Mami says its one bangle, where is the other.

Ram asks Nandini to ask Vedika to leave. Ram and Priya enjoy the rain. Vedika says you really want to leave me. Nandini says I want our plan to work.

Update Credits: Amena

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