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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya try to talk to Pihu

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Sep 23, 2022 Written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with someone coming to Pihu. Pihu cries. Ram and Priya return home. They look for Pihu. She says you said she’ll be here. She thinks she’s here, she’s just like you. He asks her to answer. She runs up the stairs. She looks at the drawing. She says I told you, she was here, she looks here. He asks where is she now she is. He says that she knew we would come looking for her, she is just like you, she left a note. Ram lee, I’m going with Krish, don’t look for me. He says Krish didn’t inform us. Priya says that Krish and her relationship are different, it’s our fault, we lied to Pihu, we face punishment. She cries.

He says we should go to Krish’s house and meet Pihu. She says no, that she won’t be at her house. He asks her where she is going. They come to Meera’s house and ask about Pihu. Sara says that she is with Krish. Ram and Priya ask Pihu to open the door. Pihu asks Kris not to open the door. Ram says sorry we didn’t know how to tell you, you ask me, we’ll give you the answer. Priya says to come and talk to us. Pihu says no, you two always fight. Priya says no, we’re here together. Pihu says liar, you’re lying, I don’t want to live with a father. Priya says please come out. Krish says we’ll call them inside and talk to them. Pihu asks what should I talk to them, they are not together, it’s wrong, you love me, right. Krish says I love you very much. Pihu says please help me. He says I promise I’ll go out and find a solution, promise me you won’t close the door. She says promise me they won’t come in. Kris has promised him. She comes out and asks them not to force Pihu. He asks how you became so careless, she was so worried, I convinced her to write a letter for you, for you to come here, I’m leaving now, I have work, call me if anything. He goes. Priya thinks about what needs to be done to convince Pihu.

Nandini says thank God we’re back home, I used Pihu. She asks Tarun to bring her juice. Shubham asks how you are so young after Vedika’s message, Priya knows and she can tell Vedika. Nandini says I have another plan. Ram asks Sara to eat something for Pihu.

Sara grabs a sandwich and says I know you’re hungry, I’ve got your favorite paneer sandwich. Pihu says yes, I’m hungry, I’ll open the door on one condition, neither of us will enter. Sara says that she is fine, but she eats something. Pihu takes the sandwich and closes the door. Sara says that I feel tense, there are already many differences between them. Sandy says yes, she doesn’t know what will happen. Ram and Priya are sitting outside the door. Meera says that Pihu will bring them. Sandy says they don’t want to be together. Priya asks Ram to get food and medicine. She scolds him and cries. Oh life… drama….

Ram asks Priya to have a sandwich. Pihu smiles seeing them. Meera says that I also want them to get back together. Priya and Ram sleep sitting outside the door. She touches the thread of Moh Moh… Pihu prays for them. Ram overhears Priya talking in her sleep. She says you’re blaming me even in your dreams. Priya woke up. They both fight. They check the room. They don’t see Pihu. Sarah comes. They ask where Pihu is. Sara says I have fresh fruit and roti for you. Priya says tell me where is Pihu. Sara says that she went to the temple with Meera, she is confused, she has many questions. They say we’ll get back to you. Sara says that she doesn’t want to come in front of you. Priya says that she is wrong. Sara asks what you explained to her that she was wrong.

Krish says that Ram has sent out custody summonses. Priya says I’ll go. Ram says that Priya has to tell me if she wants custody.

Update Credits: Amena

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