Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya decides to help Avni

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya decides to help Avni

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Priya decides to help Avni

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Priya asking Avni to say something. Avni says it’s not easy. Priya says I know I get it love wins if it’s true then everyone has guts you just have to wake him up it’s ok you don’t want to do anything for Lakhan it’s my fault I’m yours. Think for love, he is willing to die for you, it is better to be in jail than to be with you. Avni says don’t say that, he really loved him. Priya then says try it out. Avni asks if we can get back together, will you help us. Priya says I will try, first get her out of jail. Ram and Yash come to meet Priya. Priya encourages Avni. Avni asks if you help me and unite us. Ram asks why, is there a problem? Priya doesn’t say anything, he was asking about the ceremony, he wants me to help her dress up. Ram jokes and laughs at Priya’s fashion sense. Sara and Brinda come.

Ram says that Avni wants Priya to prepare her. Sarah laughed. Brinda supports Priya’s simple style. Ram says that he is supporting you while you are pregnant. Sara teases Priya’s dress sense and Brinda asks Ram to stop now. She reports on Ram’s date and calls him rude. Ram says I’m not being rude, we’re talking about Priya’s fashion sense. She asks Avni to help her prove Ram wrong. She believes that Lakhan is entitled to this happiness, she has a little courage. Avni says that I want Priya to prepare me. Yash says that I am happy, I want Avni to be part of her family, thank you for taking responsibility for the marriage. Ram says I don’t want anyone to complain so please let me. Yash says you’re a good person, don’t blame yourself. Ram says that no one can change my decision, Sid and Avni’s marriage will be tomorrow. Swati comes to meet Lakhan. She refuses to meet anyone.

She questions why you took the blame when you didn’t kidnap Avni. She says that she didn’t choose me, you chose Ram, I hope you’ll be happy there. She says that I didn’t choose Ram. She says there’s no need to lie to me. She asks when I told you this. She says you told Nandini, she showed me the video, my heart broke, I love Avni and you very much, I can’t see the hate in your eyes, I better stay in jail. . Priya asks if you got Swati. Addy says yes. She says that Ram went to bathe. She asks Adi to take her to meet Swati. Adi says that I will take you and not tell Ram. Ram asks what you said. Lakhan asks if you didn’t say this. Swati says that Nandini cheated on me again, I went to tell her that Priya had promised that she will get you out of jail, Nandini lied to you, you should have asked me once. He says I’m telling you, Ram is responsible for this, he’s trusting Sid more than me.

She says that Ram is not like that, I wish I could get you out of jail. She wants someone to prove Lakhan’s innocence. Ram says that Priya needs bed rest. Priya says no, I will go to Avni. Adi says she’s pregnant, not sick, you focus on the marriage, I’ll take care of her. Ram says she is fine I understand Adi thank you for taking care of my family. Adi says that this is my family too, your children will always be my children, I will also be friends with Lakhan for your sake. He asks them to rest. He goes.

Ram takes care of Priya. He says that I am very happy, Sid and Avni are getting married, there will be no drama, it is because of his support. She says that we come to know many things. She says that I can’t ask Nandini to leave, she is my mother, it is my responsibility to take care of her. She says that Swati is also your mother, why did you leave her? She says we won’t talk about this. She says that maybe Nandini is threatening Swati and forcing her to do what she did to me. He says that all of you are small to me, our family is small, once our baby comes into the world, I will focus on other things. She says that she is fine. He asks her to go to sleep. She thinks to get the answer. It is morning, Priya comes to meet Avni. She says I have to take Avni to the salon. She convinces Veena. Veena asks Avni to leave. Nandini and Sid are coming. Sid says that he came to take me to Avni. Nandini says that she is the bride. Priya says I’ll take care of it. Nandini asks him to go on bed rest. Priya says that she is fine, Avni, she sees you. She calls Swati and asks where are you, she was trying to call you, I will come for you, I am free, what, someone is trying to scare you, I will come, we will both go to Ram. true. She asks Adi to take her to Swati. Nandini and Sid worry.
Nandini says that Avni you are leaving with Priya. Priya meets Swati and promises to fix everything. Sid asks Priya where Avni is.

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