Baching Plant Three in Ayodhya inaugurated for the construction of the Ram Temple. Ayodhya: construction of the Ram temple is accelerated, mixing plant 3 started, photos

Newsroom, Amar Ujala, Ayodhya Published by: ishwar ashish Updated Tue June 22, 2021 5:47 PM IST

Construction work on the Ram Temple in Ayodhya has started. In order to complete this on time, frequent meetings are held and plans are drawn up to accelerate the work. The government claims that the Temple of Ram will be ready in 2024.
The mixing plant-3 built in the Ram temple complex was also inaugurated on Tuesday. It should be noted that two mixed concrete plants have already been set up on the site. This plant has the capacity to produce dense concrete material in one hour. This should speed up the construction work, it is said. This system has a capacity of 15 to 16 hours in continuous operation.

It was inaugurated by Mahant Kamal Nayan Das, the successor to Mahant Nritya Gopal Das. So that the construction work can be completed on time, many more such systems are to be built on the site.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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