Episode starts with Bittu, Pappu, Kodde, BBC and Majnu sitting sad. Zafar and Ramesh tried to inquire but there was no response. When they are about to leave, tell Bittu not to leave us. Zafar and Ramesh make fun of Bittu.
Everyone responds to their sadness one by one. Bittu says that he needs to leave his house as per the order given with the help of municipality. Now we have to sleep on the road.
Zafar says we will help you by giving you clothes to sleep and stay side by side on the road. Ramesh scolds her, saying she is wrong, asking Majnu to accompany Masterji, to take the clothes of the dead bodies with him and to use them at the cremation ground.
Kodde scolds what would happen if the ghosts took hold.
Bittu, Pappu, BBC, Aashiq, Majnu and Kude ask and request 🙏🏻 Let us stay in the haveli. Ramesh and Zafar agree but says let us ask our family members.

Ramesh and Zafar inform them, Shanti and Sakina say that it is impossible, as the haveli is too small. Ramesh and Zafar say that they were in trouble and they are our friends and neighbours. Shanti and Sakina agree.
Ramesh told that Muskan Shanti and Sakina agreed.
Bittu Pappu praises him.
Everyone creates confusion as to who will stay where. Aashiq and Majnu say we will stay with Ramesh and Zafar.
Bittu says Kude, Manju and Pappu will stay with Ramesh and rest with Zafar.

At night, Zafar is shown sleeping with Bittooz BBC and Aashiq and gets into trouble. Ramesh is also in trouble because of Pappu, Majnu and Kude. In sleep, Majnu mouths bad words about Ramesh, and Ramesh slaps Manju for speaking badly about her.
Zafar and Ramesh get into trouble.

Zafar goes to the kids room and finds Sakina sleeping, he gets romantic and takes her to the kitchen, but Sakina is in a deep sleep. Zafar sprinkles water, and says I saw you and I feel like doing romance.
Aashiq falls asleep and slaps Zafar, informing him that it is going to rain, and then leaves. Zafar and Sakina are shocked.

Next day everyone stand in washroom line and get in trouble and fight to use washroom.

Precap:- Ramesh and Zafar request Shanti and Sakina to work in the house in the presence of Bittu and the party.
Later in the night everyone decides to throw Bittu and party out of the mansion.
Bittu and Pappu listen and say we have plan B.

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