Bittu took a jibe at BBC and said that he is a useless man in this life too. Grandpa asks about himself.
Sakina goes back in the flashback.

Rooh shows her anklets and gold dupatta to Nimki. Chimti comes that Nawab will sell tea and Raja will sell paan. Better work for Ludosan, impress him and get as much money as you want.

At the moment Amma says that they want to fool both the men. Mishra says that I am a double cross in this birth too. Sakina says that Ammi is also present as Fizol Begum who runs her mansion. Mirza felt bad.

Flashback: Nimki and Rooh dance to the song Tumhari Aadot Pe Main Waari Vaari for Laddoos. Bittu is happy and presents a gift to Tweezers. Nimki and Rooh make Laddu unconscious and take all his money.

Next morning Laddu is sitting naked asking Nimki and Rooh to return their money. Rooh says it was ours only. Ladosun says I will complain against you. Nimki says you will become a laughing stock.
Chamki feel sorry. Ladosun asked the king and the Nawab to flee. He shares his plan with her.

Now ask Masterji the plan, Bittu. Bittu says it was not me but Laddu. Mishra scolds her for watching her sisters-in-law dance. Bittu then says that it was Laddu, who was British. He asks to behave and go to London. Mirza says we don’t have passport. The doctor scolded him for staying long enough

Flashback: Rooh was practicing, Chimki asks her to practice wearing anklets. Chimki wears it and takes off her anklets.
Nimki was practicing a song. Chimki asks her to close her eyes and sing in beauty. Nimki does the same and Chimki takes her dupatta. Chimki praises her and leaves.

Nawab Ghafar comes in the night asking about Rooh. Chimki says she is not here and has gone for some work. Aashiq read poetry. Nawab says I will make something so that I can talk to soul directly. Chimki says name it mobile.
The Nawab then asks about the soul. Chimki says she is getting gifts, and when she doesn’t return at night she brings them with her the next morning.
Though Nawab disagrees but Chimki feels hatred for Rooh.
Chimki does the same with Raja. Though the earlier kings refuse but they feel the hatred too. The doctor comes in the form of a minister who says that King Vikram is coming to attack. The king orders his minister to stop him till he finds Nimki.
Chimki says I have done laddu work. Nimki and Rooh think, Raja and Nawab had not arrived yet.

THE PRESIDENT: Mirza and Mishra scolded BBC for their work in a past life. Master, ask about yourself. Sakina says you were present but I don’t know.

Again in flashback: Nawab talking to Aashiq says that Chimki is lying. They hear Payal’s voice and see a girl leaving. They see in the torch that the girl had met Raja, they recognize Payal as his soul. Nawab says Raja and Rooh’s affair is going on, I will not leave them.

Precap:- Nawab Ghafar and Raja Channi drink and tell Rooh and Nimki that they hate them for their betrayal. At gunpoint, Ladosan asks Rooh and Nimki to accompany him to Britain. Chimti decides to tell the truth to the Nawab and the Raja.

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