Assam Board AHSEC Class 11 History Syllabus, Important Topics and Marking Scheme


ahsec 11 history syllabus 2023 24

Section A: Early Society

2. Introduction

3. Since earlier period

Focus: Africa, Europe till 15000 BC

(a) Consideration of the starting place of guy

(b) early society

Debate on present hunter-gatherer societies

4. Early City

Focus: Iraq, third millennium BC (A) Development of towns

(b) Nature of early city societies.

debate on the usage of writing

Section B: Empire

5. Introduction

6. An empire in 3 continents

Focus: Roman Empire. 27 BC, to. 600 AD

(A) political construction

(B) financial enlargement

(c) faith

(d) past due antiquity

Debate over the establishment of slavery.

7. Central Islamic Lands

Focus: seventh to twelfth century.

(A) politics

(b) financial system

(c) tradition

Debate over the character of the Crusades.

8. Nomadic Empire

Focus: Mongol, thirteenth to 14th century.

(b) Formation of empires

(a) Nature of nomadic formation.

(c) Conquest and members of the family with different states Debate on nomadic society and state

Section C: Changing Traditions

9. Introduction

10. Three Commandments

Focus: Western Europe, ninth–sixteenth centuries (a) Feudal society and financial system.

(b) Formation of States.

(c) Church and society.

Debate at the decline of feudalism processes of transition.

11. Changing cultural traditions

Focus: On Europe, 14th to seventeenth century (a) New concepts and new traits in literature and artwork.

(b) reference to previous concepts

(c) Contribution of West Asia. Debate: Is the rustic’s European Renaissance reliable?

12. Clash of Cultures

Focus: On the Americas, fifteenth to 18th century (A) European voyages of exploration.

(b) seek for gold; slavery, raiding, destruction

(c) Indigenous peoples and cultures – Arawaks, Aztecs, Incas.

(d)History of displacement.

Debate over the slave business.

Section D Paths of Modernization

13. Introduction

14. Industrial Revolution

Focus on England, 18th and nineteenth centuries

(a) Innovation and technological trade.

(b) Pattern of construction.

(c) Rise of the running elegance.

Debate: Was there an Industrial Revolution?

15. Displacing the natives

Focus on North America and Australia, 18th–twentieth century

(a) European colonists in North America and Australia.

(b) Formation of white colonial societies.

(c) Displacement and oppression of native other folks.

Debate over the have an effect on of European agreement on indigenous populations.

16. Paths of modernization.

Focus on East Asia. In the past due nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

(a) Militarization and financial construction in Japan.

(b) China and the communist possibility.

Debate at the that means of modernization.

17. Map paintings on Units 1-16.


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