Apple Farming In Bihar: Start apple farming in Bihar, government will give 50 lakh help with training. ,


Apple farming is generally done in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Now its scope is increasing and farmers of states like Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh are also cultivating apples. Governments are running schemes to promote apple cultivation in other states as well. Apple Farming in Bihar

The Bihar government will also give 50 percent of the total expenditure on apple cultivation as subsidy. If you also want to take advantage of this scheme, then apply soon, because only three days are left. Apple Farming in Bihar

In view of the possibility of apple cultivation in Bihar, the Agriculture Department has started the scheme of apple cultivation in 7 districts this year as a pilot project under the Special Horticulture Cropping Scheme. Under the Special Horticulture Crop Scheme, the government has set a target to introduce apple cultivation in some districts this year. Apple Farming in Bihar

In Bhagalpur, Vaishali and Begusarai, cultivation will be done in 2 hectares while in Muzaffarpur, Aurangabad, Vaishali, Katihar and Samastipur cultivation is planned in one hectare each. For this, applications have been invited from farmers till January 15. The cost of apple cultivation is Rs 2 lakh 46 thousand 250 per unit per hectare. In this, the government will give subsidy of about 50 percent of the expenditure. Apple Farming in Bihar

Farmers’ experiment gave assurance: Apple Farming in Bihar

The government is excited by the pleasant results being obtained from the cultivation of some farmers. Young farmer Sanjay Singh of Khesrahi village of Vaishali Patepur planted 800 grafted apple saplings in 2014. Timely care, cutting and pruning were done and now each plant is taking 20 to 40 kg of fruit. Plants flower in their garden in the months of December and January and fruits are ready in May and June. Gopal Prasad Singh, a farmer of Naugachia in Bhagalpur, has also planted apple saplings in 5 acres. They have also started getting fruits from last year. Apple Farming in Bihar

Agricultural scientist Dr SK Singh says that according to the weather here, 8 hours of sunlight is necessary for better fruit in the varieties planted in Bihar. The varieties have been prepared according to the land here. The color of their fruit is better and also protection from disease. If we talk about the taste, then the green-yellow colored Hariman 99 is sour and sweet. Apple Farming in Bihar

Director of Horticulture Department, Government of Bihar, Nand Kishore told TV9 Digital that apple varieties have been prepared according to the land of Bihar. For states like Bihar, varieties like Anna, Dorset Golden, Michael and Triple Sweets, including Hariman 99, are better. It gives fruit even in 40 to 50 degree temperature. Apple Farming in Bihar

This is the time to plant: Apple Farming in Bihar

15 November to 15 February is the suitable time for planting saplings. It flowers after two years of planting. Flowers appear in December and January and fruits are ready in May and June. After 5 years the apple tree produces more fruits. In May and June, its price will be available up to Rs 200 per kg in the market. Apple Farming in Bihar

Training will be held in Hajipur: Apple Farming in Bihar

According to Nandkishore, director of the Horticulture Department, 8000 saplings have been ordered from Himachal Pradesh. Those farmers who apply for apple cultivation, the selected farmers will be given training at Desiri Center of Excellence in Vaishali. Hariman 99 variety saplings will be provided to the farmers from Himachal Pradesh. The cost of a plant including training will be around Rs 200. Specialists will also come from Himachal Pradesh to train the farmers, so that it will be easy to give complete information to the farmers and the scientists of the institute will also be keeping an eye on it. Apple Farming in Bihar

Apply by 15th January only: Apple Farming in Bihar

Online applications can be made on the official website ( of Horticulture Department, Government of Bihar till January 15. Specific information related to this can be obtained from the Assistant Director of Parks of the district. The requisite information has been given near the Assistant Directorate of Gardens of all the seven districts concerned. In this, only the selected farmer will be given plants for cultivation and the government will also give subsidy. Apple Farming in Bihar



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