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Apnapan June 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer helps Pallavi

Apnapan Jun 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ranveer also selling his share of the restaurant. Mishra says you’re doing this for Pallavi. Ranveer signs the blank paper and asks him to simply get 50 lakhs from the buyer. Pallavi meets Gagan and apologizes. She says I should have trusted you sooner. Gagan says we’ve always suffered from your trust issues, who told you what, why did you come here? Ranveer comes over and says Gagan got the bail, you can return the 50 lakhs to Harsh. Pallavi asks how my share got so much money. Ranveer says I sold my share too, the restaurant is nothing without you, the customer gave us 50 lakhs, we needed it the most. Gagan becomes free. He leaves angry.

Harsh comes up to Nick and argues with him. He says you freed Gagan, I wanted him to stay in prison for a long time. Nick says you said you’ll drop the complaint if you give the money. Harsh says this will end when I want. Nick remembers the childhood moment. Pallavi asks Harsh to go with Nick. Harsh says no, I want to stay with you. He cries.

Nick says harsh can’t be treated here, trust me. She says you broke my trust, Harsh will be sick by the time I get away from him. He says I can give Harsh and Manna a better life, you know that. FB ends. Pallavi is crying. Gagan comes home. The neighbors mock Pallavi and Gagan. Gagan angrily scolds the ladies. Pallavi says my kids aren’t spoiled, they know how to talk to people. Everyone meets Gagan and becomes happy. Appnapan….plays…. Hard runs on the treadmill. Bua asks him to slow down, so much speed is not good for him. Harsh says speed is good, let it be, it doesn’t matter. Bua says you talk like your mother. He says she’s not my mother, stop comparing me to her. She brainwashes him against Pallavi. He’s getting angry. He says I’ll show her wins and losses. Pallavi makes kheer for everyone. Gagan says I’m not happy, don’t do this. Nani says we’re glad the family is together. Barkha comes and taunts. Gagan says I won’t forget that mean guy. Pallavi says don’t tell him anything. Barkha asks why, is he related to you too. Pallavi says yes, he’s related to me and to all of you, he’s my first child, your older brother Harsh. You are shocked. Badal says it means Nick has Manna and Harsh with him we will stay together as a family. Barkha asks what the family name will be now. Pallavi says they will go back. Gagan says your older son sent me to jail why did he do that tell me. they all go Pallavi is crying.

Maa comforts Pallavi. Pallavi tells why Nick came there to ruin everything. Maa says maybe it’s a new path for you and Nick. Pallavi says I need to find a new path for Barkha, I need to fix it. Lalita and Pallavi come into the restaurant. Lalita says I can’t believe Ranveer sold his stake too. Pallavi says he has a big stake, now I have to start everything over and get his stake back, he has a 3 year contract, I will work 10 years and give it all back. You see Nick J on board. Pallavi asks Mishra who said it was Nick J’s property. Mishra says Ranveer said sell it to anyone, Nick J is the buyer, he’s willing to pay any amount. Pallavi says there will be no deal. The shield falls over them. Nick comes and saves her.

Nick says throw everything old out of here, I don’t want anything old here. Pallavi asks what you want to prove. Ranver is coming. Nick says it’s common to take risks in business, I saw blindly reading and signing the contract. Pallavi says Ranveer trusted you. Nick yells at the staff. Pallavi asks why you play this game. He says your kids don’t trust anyone, not even you. She says it’s fine, no one will take advantage of her trust. He asks what I did. She says do everything, I’ll go. Nick says old employees will work for me.

Pallavi says I won’t work for you. She leaves. Maa says Pallavi is never late. Pallavi comes downstairs.

Update credit to: Amena

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