Apnapan 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi gives Sonali an ultimatum of forty eight hours

Apnapan 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi gives Sonali an ultimatum of forty eight hours

Apnapan 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi gives Sonali an ultimatum of forty eight hours

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Pallavi informs that his wife has lost her wallet with a lot of money, so now this wallet is hers since they say that the one who loses the battle of life is the chess master, she leaves after receiving the call, yes Nick looks. to Sonali angrily.

Pallavi walks back to the house with her bag when Sonali asks her to stop, Nikhil also asks Pallavi why she is coming back, she replies that she has accepted his wife’s instructions, so Pallavi tells him that she left for her own desire and from there it came. here of her own volition, she says that she has some official papers to take care of after which she will leave, Sonali is shocked to think that she is here for a month. When Nikhil tells her that he left after giving a note, she doesn’t know how hard it was for her to handle them, Pallavi says that she can accept that he must have done a lot for her and even that is how much care Sonali has given her. provided, because the house is empty on Diwali.

Pallavi tells him that he has come back to take away his rights, Nikhil smiles and asks how much he wants to do him a favor by taking care of his mother, Pallavi replies that he owes a lot to her and his family, including his new wife. Pallavi says that she thought about it after she left because half of her life had been spent in the care of her family, and now her mother’s health has deteriorated. Pallavi replies that she didn’t ask for the last time she was divorced eighteen years ago and raised her three children in her own strength, but this time she wants the money that she didn’t ask for at the time of the divorce. Nikhil explains that she definitely must have loved him because she now wants to live life on her own terms, Pallavi tells her that she is right as she will never be in anyone’s shadow again. Nikhil asks Sonali to bring her checkbook so she can pay her alimony, Pallavi replies that her lawyer will decide the amount, Nikhil asks why she would set the amount if she has suffered a loss, Pallavi reveals that 12420 was Gagan’s first year fee and 23,000 ration expenses per month while 52,000 was used for the repair of the house, Nikhil assures him of the amount suggested by his lawyer, Pallavi states that he will take a month to prepare the papers as is his right, Pallavi also asks for the papers for the cafe since it is her right but Sonali replies that it can’t happen as promised for Badal, Nikhil replies Da that she is the one who ran the cafe and put all the effort to make it worthwhile, Nikhil explains that she has to get out and will arrive late at night, Pallavi informs Sonali that the checkbook is in the third drawer, she mentions that how is she going to sleep in mom’s room?

Sonali is sleeping at night when someone tries to strangle her by covering her mouth which scares her a lot, Sonali asks what she is doing here right now, Pallavi tries to warn her explaining why she came here, Sonali doesn’t believe When asked why she did all the drama, Pallavi says that she was being chased since she left this house, that she didn’t see her face, but that she just saw a tattoo, Pallavi says that the man who threatened to kill Sonali if she leaves, says that he doesn’t care if Pallavi dies, explaining to Sonali that their conversation isn’t over because she doesn’t care. making up these stories Pallavi tells the man that he even threatened to kill Sonali, she doesn’t believe that Pallavi explains that he is making up these stories to get back with this family and now he has to go, when Sonali feels that they don’t let her sleep, Pallavi is forced to go

Sonali gets a text from Nandita, she wonders why she is calling from an unknown number, she walks out but can’t see it when she sees someone in a black suit standing behind her, so the person puts a knife to her neck for it to start. Screaming. Pallavi manages to push the fugitive away, Sonali asks what he is doing here and who is that person, Sonali comes to know after a while how that person can come back since it is not possible.

Sonali is drinking water, Pallavi tells her that she should tell Nikhil and her mother about this, Sonali asks her not to tell anyone when Pallavi agrees to keep quiet, she mentions that Sonali has only forty-eight hours to handle the situation, she mentions that they will talk tomorrow morning.

Sonali wakes up in the morning, stunned to think that since she can sleep until 12:30 in the afternoon, Sonali goes downstairs angrily seeing Pallavi asking for food, telling him that he has also ordered food for her. She puts Pallavi to sleep and then asks her if she also gave her the sleeping pill, Pallavi tells her that Sonali knows her and that she is not like that, but that she should tell everyone that she must be someone who is trying to kill her. kill him. Pallavi says that some of his things are still with Sonali and that he also cares about the safety of this family, so he will stay here until everyone is safe.

Nikhil stands up when his friend tries to explain how the site is better for his project, Nikhil reveals that Pallavi is back and also a month later, he asks his friend to know about it. Not knowing how, she replies that she should ask. she the same question that Pallavi hasn’t come to the cafe.

Pallavi is searching the room for some evidence when he finds the letter to the lawyer that says that Sonali will keep the coffee and the property of this house.

Nikhil is in the cafe. When Pallavi approaches him, she tells him that the cafe can’t be in her name since she is no longer Badal’s legal guardian, so she won’t get the rights, Pallavi replies that it should be her. On the right Nikhil asks why he should trust her as she just left after leaving a note while in that case Sonali takes care of the house and even this cafe he leaves saying Gaya says she can talk to his lawyer, but Pallavi tells him that he will only talk to him, tells him that he thinks he has no self-esteem and feels that he is Sonali, inferior to her but in reality she is jealous of him, Sonali will surely make a scene if she sees him. the two talking. Pallavi says that Nikhil may have a new wife in the house, but she is still the mother of his children.

Precap: Pallavi warns Sonali and asks if Sonali really thought she wouldn’t know about her true intentions because it wouldn’t be good for her if she drags her children into this war. Pallavi and Nikhil are having dinner when someone turns off the lights in the house, Sonali freaks out at the sound and notices. Nikhil asks Pallavi what happened, she senses that there is something she wants to tell him about the wedding day.

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