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Apnapan 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sonali brainwashes Gagan

Apnapan Sep 22, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Gagan telling everyone about his work. Nick and Pallavi congratulate him. Gagan says that I have to deposit one lakh rupees, then I will receive the letter. She asks what. She says we have to pay the deposit to keep the job. She says it looks like a fraudulent company. He says calm, I have seen it, everyone has paid the deposit amount. She says that she give me the details of the company, I will check it thoroughly and let you know if it is correct or not. Gagan gets angry and argues. He goes. Sonya smiles. Pallavi is sad. Dadi comes over and says that he will understand once he calms down. Pallavi says yes sorry I couldn’t come home because of pooja, forgive me I got lost. Dadi says okay, don’t miss the Tambola lunch. She asks if I’m getting less and less cool, actually she arranged it but thought I’d let you know. Pallavi laughs. Dadi asked her to wear big diamond earrings. She says that I want to silence Nimmo. Dadi says that my daughter in law is my pride, smile, be happy, wear nice clothes and jewelry. She goes. Pallavi smiled.

Dadi comes back and says to wear matching bracelets too, bye I love you. She goes. Pallavi now asks if she should wear maang tika too. She turns and sees Nick. Barkha asks Manna about her dress. Manna says that red will suit you, blue is Ishaan’s favorite color. Barkha says okay, can I borrow your dress? Mana says no. Barkha says that I am going to meet Ishaan. Manna thinks she can tell him about her and me.

Nick helps Pallavi. When he comes up to you…he touches…he makes you wear bracelets. He asks if she has a migraine. She says no, that I’m fine. She says you were strict with Gagan. She says that it does not seem strange to you, which company asks for money. She says I will pay 1 lakh. She says it’s not about the money, I can’t let her get in trouble. He asks if I’ll let him get in trouble. She says you only show concern but do nothing, you called the doctor for my checkup, where is the doctor? She says yes, I called, if he doesn’t come it’s not my fault. She says yes, you’re always right. She goes. He says what you want, you distract me by showing me beautiful earrings and you want me to pay attention to your words. Manna remembers Ishaan’s audio message. Barkha says that Ishaan will meet me, we will go out again. She left. Sonali asks Gagan to talk to Nick. She says they can withdraw the offer, be patient, don’t stress, see what I have for you, I ordered it for you in my favorite store. She likes the white shirt and tie. She says I like this shirt, thanks, it’s great. She asks him to go talk to her father. She says that you don’t look like Pallavi’s cousin, you are very light. Sonali explains. She says that Pallavi can’t see right and wrong. Pallavi is coming. Ishaan sees Barkha and thinks that Manna has arrived. He says that she is playing a prank on me. Manna says that I hope Ishaan doesn’t tell her anything. He answers her call and says you made me wait a long time, I like it. The shower changes. He is surprised to see her.

Pallavi scolds Sonali. She says you were trying to turn my son against me. Sonali says no, she was just… Gagan says she didn’t say anything like that. Pallavi says I’ll talk to you later. She asks if a mother can’t make a decision for the good of her child, if I can’t, tell me, do you mean that my way of thinking is wrong? Sonali says sorry, I didn’t mean that, calm down. Pallavi argues. She looks like Nick. Sonali says that she was just asking him to talk to her father. Pallavi says leave all the decisions to me, stay away. Sonali says that if she wants to consult her father, then it’s okay. Gagan gets angry and leaves. Pallavi says you wanted this. Sonali says no. Nick asks what’s going on. Sonali says that he was telling Gagan… he says that he discusses his problems with me. Sonali says yes, Pallavi doesn’t want that. Pallavi recounts everything Sonali said. Sonali says that she was explaining to Gagan that he is a boy. Pallavi scolds her. Sonali says I’m sorry, Gagan was tense, so… Pallavi says I need to talk to my husband in private. Sonali gets angry and leaves.

Pallavi says that I want to talk about something small. Nick says you called me a husband and prevented me from fulfilling the duty of a father. She asks Gagan to save him from making a big mistake. She says give me a chance to do my duty, you don’t want Gagan talking to me. She says okay, I’ll explain, you have one day, 24 hours, you want to do your duty, for my sake, do one thing, take Sonali away from my house.

Nick meets Sonali. She smiles seeing him. He gets a call. She asks what happened. She thinks I’ll play such a game that Pallavi won’t believe Nick, she’ll leave Nick on her own.

Update Credits: Amena

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