Anupama 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Anuj’s differences regarding their wedding celebrations

Anupama 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Anuj’s differences regarding their wedding celebrations

Anupama 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Anuj’s differences regarding their wedding celebrations

Anupama 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Bapuji returns home with Anu, Kinjal, Samar and Mamaji after completing Anu and Anuj’s omen ceremony. He sees Baa with ornaments and documents and asks what is all this. Baa says that it is his status and says that he had dreamed of Anupama’s lavish wedding, but he is not rich enough to afford Toshu and Vanraj’s risky job and has only small savings. She says that she is not cursing or angry but just telling the truth and asks Bapuji to spend all the savings and give the jewels but leave a penny to buy some poison as they are on the road after Anupama’s wedding. But will be Everyone stands speechless.

Anuj discusses with Devika that he wants a lavish wedding which is the best in town. And asks her to make all the arrangements for the wedding. Devika agrees. Anupama tells Bapuji that Baa is right which will be very difficult for the family, so she and Anuj will have a simple wedding with their old saris and only sindoor expenses; Baa is right this time. Anupama then looks at her long moral knowledge of how a daughter’s marriage is made a burden for an Indian father, counting the catering expenses, gifts for the groom’s family, etc. After the girl’s parting, her father looks at his passbook and receives it again. Bapuji says that the daughter’s marriage is the father’s wish. Anupama says it should be for a wealthy family and not a middle-class family like hers, and suggests a simple wedding with rituals on the lawn and plain clothes etc. Samar says that this is his second marriage, but Anuj’s first marriage. Kinjal supports her and says it will be injustice to Anuj.

Anuj continues to express his excitement. Devika says that Anupama doesn’t like a lavish wedding and wants to keep it a low-key affair, so she should take his opinion and then decide. Anuj is shocked. Back at Shah’s house, Toshu informs Vanraj that he is going to visit his friend Yash who has returned from USA and whose father has a big business in USA and hopes to get help from him for his business. Vanraj agrees. Toshu says that he will bring Yash here where Vanraj can impress him with his words. Kavya overhears their conversation and thinks that they get unnecessarily agitated and hope that their wish will be fulfilled. Vanraj and Toshu give a business presentation this time to implicate Yash.

Anupama remembers Anuj and Baa’s opinion about the marriage. Anuj also remembers Devika’s advice. Anu calls him. Anuj says that he wants to meet her. They meet at Anu’s dance academy. Anuj says that Bapuji discussed about a grand wedding, but he doesn’t need to worry as he just wants her. She says that then they will have a court marriage and then the temple rounds. She says whatever she wants. She screams why does he do this every time, she was not present in her first relationship and sometimes she feels that she is not present in this relationship, she should express her wish and not accept her wish . She gives knowledge on mutual consent for anything between relationship etc. Anuj says that the only dream of his life is to marry her and wants a grand wedding with the best DJ, the best place, the best clothes, all the rituals, but when he closes his eyes, he just imagines her. And not all of those things.

She says that he became great/great again and asks him to tell what his heart desires. Anuj says that if he listens to his heart, he will repay the debt for the rest of his life; He does not want money from Bapuji because he is taking away his most precious asset. She says that she has the best choreographer Samar, best dress designer Devika, Bapuji event planner, Kinjal DJ, Mukku wedding planner, GK photographer, Mamaji caterer. Anu laughs and says that if Mamaji becomes a caterer then no one will get food. He jokes that he doesn’t have to worry because he will remember this marriage. He says that this wedding should be a memorable event. he agrees. Devika creates WhatsApp group for mother’s wedding. Anu and Anuj keep discussing their wedding plans and keep smiling.

Precap: Toshu’s friends see Anupama with Anuj and taunt Toshu that he has 2 fathers. Toshu fights with them and vents his annoyance on Anu and Anuj.

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