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Kinjal tells Anupama that she found out that she was pregnant on the morning of Valentine’s Day and was eager to inform her on her birthday, but she ruined her own surprise. Anupama says this is the best surprise. Anuj seeing the diamond ring thinks that both the bridegroom and the bridegroom are ready, Anu should say yes. Anu is happy to hear that she is becoming a grandmother and says that she feels as if she came to this house yesterday and today she has become a grandmother. She says that there are many stages in a woman’s life, first a daughter, then a wife, then a mother and then a grandmother; Grandmother is the highest stage of life. She keeps sharing her happiness. Kinjal says she doesn’t know if she can be a good mother like him. Anu says that she will be a better mother than him as she is well educated and intelligent. She says it is mother’s duty to scold and grandmother’s duty to spoil the child.

Mamaji sprinkles water on Baa and says that Didi has regained consciousness. Baa says Kinjal stumbled and not her and asks everyone not to worry as Anu is with Kinjal. Vanraj sees Anuj blushing and thinks what must be the reason. Kinjal complains to Anu that she sees that Vanraj and Toshu always laugh at home and hence are afraid to tell them the good news, now it is Anu’s duty to tell them the good news. Bapuji tells Dolly that Anu has expressed her feelings for Anuj. Dolly shows Anuj a thumbs up, and Anuj blushes more.

Anu walks downstairs and dances happily to the song Dholida…. Ba taunts that she is dancing like she is becoming PM. Anu says the bigger news is that Toshu and Kinjal are becoming parents and she is becoming a grandmother. Hearing this, the whole family jumps with joy. Kavya hopes that Vanraj learns from Toshu and finds time for love. GK tells Anuj that the news is good, but the Shah family’s timing is really bad; She thought that Anu would announce her and Anuj’s marriage. Anuj says that he also thought the same, but anyway this happiness is bigger than his happiness. He says that it is great that he recently became a lover and has not yet become a husband, but became a grandfather before that. She hopes that soon he will become a husband. The family starts dancing around Kinjal. Anu notices Anuj and joins him in the dance.

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