Anandiba Aur Emily 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Riddhi and Gunjan join hands

Anandiba Aur Emily 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Riddhi and Gunjan join hands

Anandiba Aur Emily 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Riddhi and Gunjan join hands

Anandiba and Emily Oct 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Gunjan telling Riddhi, I’m with you. Aarav and Emily cut the cake. They have a moment. Aarav apologizes to her. She says that she never gave importance to your love and always used it for my selfishness, I promise to stay with you for seven births. Emily says I promise too. She says that the last time we got married, you weren’t in your senses, today you promised me in your senses. She says today we have wedding and birthday celebration. He says yes, we will celebrate our wedding anniversary on your birthday, relax, sleep, it’s too late, we’ll meet tomorrow. He smiles and leaves. She laughs.

Riddhi remembers Gunjan’s words. Arav comes home. He asks what happened, Gunjan came here, she is very smart, if she knows our plan, she will fail. She says that no one came, that she was waiting for you. She says you should have gone to sleep. She asks if you celebrated your birthday. He says yes, I apologized to Emily, we had cut the cake and I told her that we will celebrate the wedding anniversary on this date, why do you look sad? She says I’m upset, you didn’t buy me cake, you call me your best friend. He says sorry I forgot, we’ll start the plan tomorrow, he turns mean in front of mom, he should realize Emily was better than you. Riddhi says no, I mean yes. He asks her to go to sleep.

It is morning, Anandi and Aaghya return from the market. She says that you are happy to find a good daughter-in-law for Aarav. She says yes but she couldn’t fulfill all the dreams, I hope Riddhi is right for you, I convince Gunjan to teach Riddhi everything. Riddhi made the aarti. Gunjan thinks what he is planning. Happy smiled. Aarav think what you are doing Riddhi, you have to do it wrong, maybe she will do it now. Anandi is impressed. Riddhi asks Anandi to bless her. Arav worries. Anandi says that I adore the daughter in law, I consider the daughter in law as a daughter, now you are also like my daughter, this is the difference between the Indian and the foreign daughter in law. Riddhi says that I will make my first kitchen, go to the market and buy vegetables. Anandi says yes. Riddhi leaves. Aarav goes to her room. He calls Riddhi and tells him that you have to be bad in mom’s eyes, that you are impressing her. She says it’s my first day, Anandi will not doubt that I do bad deeds, Gunjan is chatur, she will know about our drama, Gunjan will fill Anandi’s ears, you are not wrong but desperate for love. She says show mom what a bad bahu you are. she says okay

Zaman calls Riddhi and asks for Aarav. She says that she is in the bathroom. He says to inform him, Emily’s visa is expired, she has to leave the country, just tell Aarav this, it is necessary. She says I’ll tell him. Gunjan comes and asks what the problem is. Riddhi says that Emily’s visa is about to expire. Gunjan says its good for us they are using you you love Aarav just support me my offer is valid give me your hand. Riddhi says you made a mistake offering me this, you think I love Aarav so I’ll get caught up in your talk. Gunjan says that I know about my marriage contract, Emily helped me, I love her well, I love her more than Aarav. Gunjan asks him to say it clearly. Riddhi says I want to shake your hand. They shake hands. Riddhi says that Anandi blessed me, I love Aarav, Aarav won’t like it when he finds out, he will stay away from me. Gunjan says do as I say, believe me, I will make your place in Aarav’s heart, this is my promise. They smile.

Aarav says that I only love Emily. Riddhi says I love you. Logic. He says that Emily understands love, she sacrificed herself trusting you. She says to ask her to make the sacrifice, since you are only mine.

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