Anandiba Aur Emily 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gunjan tries exposing the puppy

Anandiba Aur Emily 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gunjan tries exposing the puppy

Anandiba Aur Emily 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gunjan tries exposing the puppy

Anandiba and Emily Oct 2, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Emily picking up a puppy. Anandi speaks in her sleep. Aarav says we’re saved, he’s scolding us to go to the US Emily says sorry. Anandi says to stop laughing, otherwise I will be angry. They go. Gunjan sees them with Papi. He thinks God gives me the chance to kick Emily out of the house. She says that I am going to take Anandi medicine for her heart attack, it will come when she sees this dog. Aarav says I beg you, don’t tell anyone, he will be gone in a few days. Gunjan says okay, I’ll hide it from Anandi. They thank him and leave. Gunjan says that you don’t know that I don’t keep my word, no one will know that I said this to Anandi. Aarav asks Emily to go to sleep. Emily says sorry I bothered you about a puppy. She says no problem. He jokes. She left.

Gunjan wakes up Pinky. Pinky starts talking nonsense. Gunjan asks him to distinguish the sound of the dog. Pinky first makes the cat and mouse sound and says that now the dog will chase the cat. Gunjan says ok, now give voice to the dog, I’ll wake up Anandi. She goes and tickles Anandi’s feet to wake her up. Pinky distinguishes the dog’s voice. Gunjan says that the voice of a dog enters our house. Pinky says yes, I heard the voice myself. Gunjan stands up. She says that she had closed the doors and windows. Anandi says don’t scare me. Gunjan says that the voice is coming from that side. Anandi says Aarav’s room. Pinky says that they will find out that you told Anandi. Gunjan says that we will show Aarav and Emily that Anandi heard the dog’s voice and goes there, we came to calm her down.

Anandi listens to the dog’s voice. She says that I think there is something behind that curtain, I have to fight this fear. She sees the rose. Logic. Gunjan says that Anandi will think that Gulab was giving voice to this dog, Emily is saved. It is morning, Aarav wakes up. He doesn’t see the puppy. He says I close the door but not the window, Emily will be mad. The puppy tickles Aaghya’s feet. Aarav runs up and holds Aaghya’s leg. Aghya says to leave my leg. Aarav says no, I want to be like you. Aghya says you’ll drop me. Aarav says sorry. He is looking for the puppy. The puppy goes to Rose. Rose says let me sleep. She wakes up and sees Aghya. Aghya says that we were dreaming, wake up and come, mom is calling you. He goes. Aarav asks Zaman to keep the dog at his hotel. Zaman says I can’t ask my father. Anandi asks Gunjan to bring Kheer. Gunjan gets kheer.

Puppy eats kheer. Anandi asks Gunjan where the kheer is, the empty bowl of it. Gunjan says I’ll get it again. Anandi calls. The cub eats kheer again. Gunjan says I kept the bowl of kheer. Anandi says don’t make any mistakes. Gunjan says sorry. Anandi says that the bowl is empty, what happened to you? You’re drunk? Gunjan says I stuck to kheer, I think someone is eating kheer. See roses. Gunjan says that he is a kheer thief. Gulab says you know I love kheer. Anandi scolds him. She asks Gunjan to take prasad. Aarav talks to Zaman’s father. Zaman’s father says to ask your mother to adopt Zaman, give him some food and make him work like a donkey. Aarav says that Zaman respects you very much. He says he disconnected the call, we can’t take care of this dog. Emily says that if there is a problem, we will find a solution. He asks who said this. Emily says Krishna hee. He says great, you understand his words. Gunjan says that Aaghya got 3 liters of milk, but the milk ran out, I don’t know how. Anandi says that someone must have drunk milk, I will ask Aarav to bring milk. Emily and Aarav name the dog. Anandi comes and calls her outside. they worry.

Anandi says take this locket, the jeweler will fix the diamond. Gunjan says that the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi yells no.

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