Anandiba Aur Emily 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily and Aarav team up to expose Gopi baba

Anandiba Aur Emily 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily and Aarav team up to expose Gopi baba

Anandiba Aur Emily 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily and Aarav team up to expose Gopi baba

Anandiba and Emily Sep 29, 2022 Written episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written update

The episode begins with Gunjan saying that we should give Gopi new bracelets and take the old bracelets. Anandi asks him to forget it. She says that we will use this torch on Emily, the soul will leave, trapped in this torch. Emily looks up. Kanha plays the flute. She smiles seeing him. She says that she was going to call you. She says that the situation is such that you will call me, so I have come, you are thinking that Gopi cast a spell on Anandi, you have to tell him that Gopi is a cheater. She says that she will not listen to me but to you, you are God. He says that there is a god inside every person, he thinks how to prove the gopi to be false, this challenge will not be easy, but just stay strong. She says sure, it’s a battle of truth and I’m going to win.

Emily furiously attacks Zaman. Aarav asks her to stop, Zaman will get hurt, she will go crazy. Emily says there’s a spirit in me. Aarav asks him not to make such pranks. She asks him to explain this to Anandi and Gunjan, they are sorry. He asks how mom can think like that, this slime is a cheater. Zaman says that he is tricking them. Emily says we won’t tell Anandi anything. Zaman says yes, Baba has earned his trust. She says that we will do the same with Baba and trick him. She asks are you with me? Arav says yes. Zaman says that I was born to support Aarav. She says, so get ready, I have a plan.

Anandi gets scared and wakes up. She looks at Pinky. Gunjan says that Emily will be fast asleep. Anandi says we will go and use the torch. They hear Aarav scream and go to see. They see Emily acting like a spirit. Anandi, Gunjan and Pinky get scared. Aarav says that my mother cannot force anyone outside the house. Emily says you won’t be able to escape. Gunjan asks how this soul got here. Pinky says I don’t know. Anandi says that this soul will kill Aarav. Aarav asks God to save him. Emily asks how long you will survive. She threatens Anandi. She left. Aarav smiles and says that God has saved me, thank you. Anandi tells Aarav, we knew that Emily has a dangerous spirit on her. Aarav asks if you knew this also happened to me before, save me. She says that Baba gave me that torch, but he broke it. He says: Then call Baba here. she says yes he Says I’m glad he’s coming, but I’m scared. She asks him to close the door before sleeping. They go. Gunjan is worried. It’s morning, Gunjan says we’ll kick Emily out of the house if the soul doesn’t disappear. Gopi says don’t worry, I’m here. Rose comes and brings gold bracelets. Guddi checks and says that it is fake gold. She says she’s smart like me. Anandi says that she forgives her. Gulab says sorry help me. Anandi says that the soul is trying to kill us, do something. Emily comes over and says I’ll do whatever she wants to do, I’ll have a chunri from this coconut today too.

He breaks the coconut and reveals Chunari and an iron chain. She says sorry, I brought you an iron chain. Aarav says that Emily is doing what this slime is doing, she has a brain, she has used it, we get to know how slime does little magic tricks and she tricks us. He explains to them. Gunjan says that Emily is playing well, it means that Aarav is with her. Gopi says that I am not a cheat, I just say what Krishna tells me. Anandi says yes, I have seen great miracles, we have won a great case. Aarav says it was a coincidence. Anandi says that I cannot bear the insult of my guru. Gopi says that you are not saying this, the soul is saying this. Aarav says that we made that drama to call Baba here and expose the truth about him. Gopi says you are influenced by the soul, Krishna ji tells me. Emily says that’s fine, after you leave, Anandi will hide this idol somewhere. Aarav says to ask Krishna ji and tell him where he hid this. Anandi says to forgive Aarav. Emily asks if you accept the challenge. Anandi says you are giving him a little challenge, Baba’s insult is my insult. Anandi says that I will hide this idol, if baba ji says so, you will be punished for doubting him. Gulab says that Gopi accepts the challenge. Gopi says yes, we will meet her then. He’s leaving. Aww thanks Emily. She says that many will be saved by blind faith. Gunjan says that Emily will prove her right. She sees Pinky standing upside down. Pinky gives a lame excuse. Gunjan says I’ll break your head. Pinky asks what your tension is. Gunjan says we have to kick Emily out. come happy she says we have to hide this idol, i am sure baba will talk to krishna and tell us where we hid it, now where we will hide it. Gunjan thinks that you have come to give me the trump card, now Emily will leave this house.

Anandi says take this locket, the jeweler will fix the diamond. Gunjan says that the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi yells no.

Update Credits: Amena

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