Anandiba Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi loses the special coconut

Anandiba Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi loses the special coconut

Anandiba Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi loses the special coconut

Anandiba and Emily Sep 28, 2022 Written episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written update

The episode begins with Anandi listening and worrying about Emily. She figures Emily is poisoning her. She asks Gunjan to stay there, she will go and perform the coconut rituals. Gunjan asks Emily what you were saying about the poison. Emily says I told Aarav to take poison to kill cockroaches, she was practicing Hindi. She goes. Gunjan says that nature is great, she is supporting me. She goes to Anandi and tells her that Emily plans to kill you. Anandi says that the soul is doing this. Emily arrives. Gunjan asks if he came to kill us. Anandi asks Emily to come over. Anandi says that Gopi baba is a cheat. Gunjan asks how she knew. Anandi says I know too, Gunjan understands my heart, you told me about her, I won’t go with her, you go and do your job. Emily says ok, ok, bye. She goes. Gunjan asks why you said that. Anandi says that Emily didn’t come, she was the soul, the soul is afraid of slime, so she started saying that slime is a cheater. Gunjan says that I don’t think so. Anandi says that the soul is scared, we have to do coconut rituals and keep the soul caged. Gunjan says that I think we should leave Emily at home.

Anandi says no, that first we have to control the soul, come. They see Emily sitting down and go to the coconut ceremony. Anandi says that the soul is intelligent, Emily can see us. Gunjan asks if we will go through another gate. Emily accompanies Pinky. Gunjan says that Pinky is innocent. Anandi sits down tired. She says that the spirit is dangerous, it is changing Emily’s condition. Gunjan says to forget it and kick Emily out of the house. Emily comes over and asks what you’re doing with the coconut. Anandi asks Gunjan to answer. Gunjan lies to Emily. Anandi asks Emily how you got here, dear. Emily says much respect, I made a mistake, come, the food is ready, everyone has arrived. They go. They worry and sit down to eat. Anandi says that if we don’t eat, she will kill us. Emily says if you act so sweet, I’ll have a heart attack. Anandi says that I will have food when Gulab comes. Emily shakes her head. She asks Aghya to have food. Anandi signed him at no. He says that I can’t eat without my mother’s permission. Gunjan stops Pinky. payal come Anandi says that no one will have food today, it is my grandmother’s anniversary. Payal says he is referring to the anniversary of the death. Anandi says we will fast. He freaks out when he sees the knife in Emily’s hand. Emily cuts an apple. She says we can have fruit, okay. Anandi says that if we can eat it, you will not put anything on it. Emily asks what. Gunjan says that he means you can’t put garlic in it. She asks Anandi to kick Emily out of the house. Arav is coming. He says I had a lot of fun eating today. Anandi says you can’t have it, it has poison. He asks what. He says that today is my grandmother’s anniversary. He says sorry, he already had food. Anandi says that there is no poison in the food, he sees that Aarav is fine, we will eat food. Anandi says I remember, today is not her anniversary, it is her birthday, everyone can eat. Aarav starts to cough. Anandi yells, no, we can’t eat, it’s his anniversary. She drinks water for Aarav and asks him to vomit quickly. She says that he was just coughing. Anandi asks everyone to have food.

Anandi looks at Emily. She hums. Gunjan says that he was cleaning the stairs. Anandi says let’s work later, we have to do the coconut ritual, she is sleeping, this is a good opportunity, where is the coconut? Gunjan says that she is here. Anandi asks where to find him. Pinky also comes to meet him. Anandi says that she find understanding of her first. She asks why I am not getting this coconut. Gulab asks him to eat something before going upstairs. She asks how you know about the soul. She asks if you will go upstairs to dry clothes, eat idli and coconut chutney. She asks where you got this. She says that she went here. She gets angry with him. Emily comes over and asks if you want coco. He gets one. Gulab says thanks for saving my life, we’ll go and eat coconut chutney. Anandi says that now there is only one way. Gunjan says to get her out of the house. Aarav asks Emily if a normal person can see God and talk to him. She asks why you ask like that. She says that she was talking on a TV show, the girl sees Krishna and talks to him. She says that you can talk to her honestly, without a doubt. She goes. He says then I will give Gopi bracelets. Gopi says that the soul will not allow the ritual to be completed, he gives her two gold bracelets. Anandi says I didn’t get it. She says you have it. She shows humming. She says that he is old. She says that we will make it new, dega, bahu like you can give everything for the family, even for life. Anandi says yes, she is cute. She takes Gunjan’s bangles. The man gives them a box. They say there is a torch, the soul will be tormented by this torch, come here, I will tell you a mantra. He recites the mantra. They say that the soul will be imprisoned in this torch. Gunjan says that if Emily leaves, the soul will also leave. Gopi says that once the soul is gone, Emily will be gone too. Gunjan thinks about getting the bracelets back.

Anandi says take this locket, the jeweler will fix the diamond. Gunjan says that the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi yells no.

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