Amar Ujala special report: 17,000 children were able to receive the routine vaccine during the second corona wave in Meerut. do not apply

Due to the global corona pandemic, vaccination of babies to prevent various diseases is affected. In the district of Meerut, 17,333 babies have not received routine vaccination in the past two months. In addition, about 19 thousand pregnant women could not be vaccinated.

ASHAs for routine vaccinations, ANMs are assigned an important role. According to the Ministry of Health, these days the duty of ASHA and ANM deals with the work related to Corona. Because of this, they cannot devote themselves to vaccination work. The rest of the health department’s staff are also involved in vaccinations.

A total of seven vaccinations are given within one year of the child’s birth. Vaccination has never completely stopped in the county, but the pace has definitely slowed down. Vaccinations were carried out in health centers on Wednesday and Saturday but the campaign could not be carried out, which is why a large number of vaccinations could not be carried out.

one to two years term

Immunization in newborns develops immunity. Provides protection against serious diseases. Vaccinations greatly reduce the risk of infection. Children aged 12 to 24 months are vaccinated every two months, four months, nine months, and 12 and 24 months.

Mission Indradhanush was carried out in March

Corona vaccination has priority these days. The Indradhanush Mission was also held in March to vaccinate children and pregnant women. – Dr. Praveen Gautam, District Vaccination Officer

Vaccines are life saving

Prevention of vaccine diseases

BCG tuberculosis or TB

Penta pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus

Chickenpox Chickenpox

Flu cold, cough and common cold

MMR measles, mumps and rubella

Rotavirus infection

Pneumococcal pneumonia

Prevent Polio Disability

Hemophilus B hepatitis


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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