All Flowers Bear Your Fragrance Part 2

Saksham and Gopika enjoy celebrating Diwali with their family members.

Both Modi and Joshi also planned a Diwali special dinner.

Both the families gathered for dinner.

Saksham and Gopika did a romantic dance together.

(Take the thread from Channadani to Noor)

Make a veil of light with light)… (x2)

If you are ashamed then take it in the voice

Yes, my breath remained against my breath

(Speak neither lightly, nor speak lightly.)

Lighter than lips, don’t speak lightly)… (x2)

Come make a deal of Nand, give a dream, take a dream

There is a dream in the eyes, under the pillow of a moon

For how many days this sky has not even slept, put it to sleep

(Speak neither lightly, nor speak lightly.)

Lighter than lips, don’t speak lightly)… (x2)

Saying Umrein Lagi, Do Labj The Ek Baat Tha

That one day was a hundred years old, that night of a hundred years was

How do you feel that both of you can spend whole centuries in a moment?

Don’t speak lightly, don’t speak lightly

lighter than lips

O break the thread, bring the candle to the noor

o make a veil from light to noor

If you are ashamed then take it in the voice

Yes, my breath remained against my breath

(Speak neither lightly, nor speak lightly.)

Lightly lighter than lips, do not speak lightly)… (x2) (Jhoom barabar jhum).

Suddenly Gopika realized that it was a dream and became lethargic. Saksham saw it.

Saksham: What happened Gopika?

Gopika: Nothing capable. I am worried about my college project.

Saksham: Gopika, why do you worry when I am there. I will teach you as usual. Come home tomorrow. I will help you.

Gopika smiled.

Next day in college…

Saksham and Gopika were writing notes in the library. Slowly, Saksham looked at her lovingly. Gopika blushed.

Gopika: What happened Saksham?

Able: For dinner together last night, you were well dressed. You looked so beautiful.

Gopika blushed.

Gopika went to Saksham’s house.

Gopika: Saksham, I have prepared my college project. Just check it out and tell if it is good.

Capable: Wow Gopika! I’m surprised you made your own project.

Gopika smiled.

He gave her the file.

Gopika: Please say it and give your suggestions for improvement.

Enabled: Okay.

Enabled opened the project and went through it.

Saksham: This is a wonderful Gopika. Your ideas are great.

Very happy Gopika: Really?

Capable: Yes. It’s really cool.

Gopika smiled.

In the college…

Gopika accidentally collides with Saksham. Saksham caught him.

He shared a romantic eye lock.

Priya burns with jealousy.

Priya: Either Gopika falls down and Saksham takes her in his arms or both bump into each other and stare at each other as if there is no one else around them. Weird people.

He broke the lock of his eyes.

Saksham: Ok Gopika, I am going for basketball practice.

Gopika: Okay.

enabled gone.

Priya went to Gopika.

Priya: Hi Gopika… do you and Saksham love each other?

Gopika blushed.

Priya got irritated. But she flashed a fake smile.

Priya: It means you both love each other.

Gopika smiled.

Priya: Have you both confessed to each other?

Gopika: No.

Priya was stunned.

Priya: Why?

Gopika: We both know that we love each other. So what is the need to confess love?

Priya smiles: Very sweet.

Priya thought: Sometimes if love is not spoken verbally, it can lead to misunderstandings. Saksham and Gopika will also have the same misunderstanding that I am to create misunderstanding between them.

Priya smiled.

Priya deliberately took her notes and went to Saksham.

Priya: Saksham, can you please clear my doubts?

Capable: Of course yes dear.

Saksham started explaining the part to him.

Seeing Gopika coming, Priya deliberately hugs Saksham.

Priya: Thanks a lot Saksham.

Seeing Priya in Saksham’s arms, Gopika was shattered.

After college hours, Gopika went home without informing Saksham. Saksham searches for Gopika.

Priya: Are you looking for Gopika?

Enabled: Yes.

Priya: He dropped out of college.

Able was shocked.

Priya: Didn’t she tell you? It’s so bad that Gopika left without informing her best friend.

Saksham lied: No Priya. Gopika had informed. But I forgot.

Priya became impatient.

Priya: Oh ok.

Saksham dropped out of college.

Priya thought: Always protect Gopika.

Gopika was crying in her room. Saksham entered the room. Hearing his footsteps, Gopika recognized him. She knew he would be there because she would leave without telling him. She wiped her tears and looked at her.

Saksham was very angry.

Saksham: We leave college together everyday. What happened Gopika today?

Gopika was upset as Saksham had never been angry with her before.

Gopika: You did basketball practice. So.

Capable: But you usually wait for the exercise to end.

Gopika lied: But today I had a headache. So I left. Able to forgive.

Saksham was shocked: What? You have a headache? Why didn’t you tell me this?

I’ll apply Tiger Balm for you.

Gopika: No need for Saksham. I had medicine.

Able: Sit here. I’ll massage your forehead.

Gopika: Capable is not needed.

Capable: Shut up and sit.

Gopika sat on the chair. Saksham massaged her forehead. Gopika liked it.

next day…

Gopika fainted while remembering Saksham-Priya’s hug.

Priya saw this and smiled.

He thought: Our hug seems to have had a good effect on Gopika.

Saksham-Gopika went to the ground.

Saksham: Gopika, you still look lethargic. Are you still having a headache today?

Gopika: No. Why are you so worried about a silly headache?

Capable: When it comes to yours, nothing is too silly for me.

Saksham held her hand and said: Because nothing is more important to me than you. You are everything to me Gopika.

Gopika became very happy. A smile came on her face.

He thought: I just misunderstood Saksham and Priya. He just had a friendly hug.

Saksham and Gopika smiled at each other. Priya saw this and got angry.

Priya: Looks like Gopika doesn’t care for our hug. I have to do something else. Yes… I have to create misunderstanding in Saksham’s mind that Saksham will forget his love for Gopika and I will be in Saksham’s heart I will make my place College is about to end. So how do I execute my plan? Never mind. Saksham, Gopika and I got placement in the same company after campus interview. So in office also I can execute my plan to separate Saksham-Gopika and come closer to Saksham.

Priya smiled.


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