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Ajooni 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Avinash breaks his engagement with Ajooni

Ajooni 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Avinash breaks his engagement with Ajooni

Ajuni Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Avinash and his mother are worried about Geet. Enter Rajveer. Avinash says what are you doing here? He sits on the couch and says that they both look worried. Has no one come home? I have a question, can you answer both. Class 7, Roll No. 15, Second Bank. Who is he? Eat your song his mother shouts where is my daughter? Rajveer says that there are many criminals in the city who turn children into beggars and sometimes even kill them. Imagine… Avinash yells Where is my sister? Rajeev’s goon comes with a bag of Geet. Rajveer says where is the song? They bring it inside. She is blindfolded. The song cries. Avinash’s mother hugged him. Rajveer says that it is better to focus on his family and stay away from Ajuni. I’m going to investigate that. If you want, I won’t have to come back here. He tells Geet to go home tomorrow with no worries. Nobody will bother you.

scene 2
Acuni’s family made a list for the engagement. They decide on medicine. Avinash calls Subhash. He asks you what candy do you like? Avinash says something. Subhash is shocked. Busy asks what happened. She says that Avinash called off the engagement. Beeji says how can she? Subhash says that the thug kidnapped Geet. What else will Avinash do?

Rajveer came out. Subhash leads everyone inside. Rajveer says that now I have to do something to give him the hand of Ajuni in my hand. Rajeev watches television.

scene 3
Acuni’s family is worried. Subhash tells him not to remove the curtains. Meher says we can’t be afraid of them all the time. He rings the bell. The point is. She asks to turn on the television. Rajveer on TV says that he has to announce that I am getting married. My engagement at the Mahajan Hotel. I’m going to marry Ajuni Vora. You are all invited to my engagement. There are no gifts, only blessings. I see them all.

scene 3
Dolly yells mom. She comes Rajveer’s mother. She says that she clean the mirror. who broke it Dolly says that the big news is that Rajveer is getting married. He just announced on television. People call Subhash and congratulate him. The neighbors come to congratulate them and say that you have an offer from such a large family. He fired that doctor by finding a rich man. Subhash kicks them out. He cries and locks himself in the room. Ajuni cries. Bharat cries. Biji hugs Subhash. He says that I am defeated. I lost all my respect. A father failed to protect his daughter from him. I am very weak. I have lived my whole life with dignity. Your father is useless. Aduni says don’t say that. I didn’t give up. We will fight. I will reply back. I’ll expose it to the media. We have to fight. He says it’s not easy. They are very powerful. Manjeet couldn’t help us either. Bindu says that he will make our life hell. Bharat says that we cannot sit quietly. Subhash says that if Rajveer does anything in anger, he can ruin your life. We will finish it there.

end the episode

Precap- Subhash and his family leave. Rajveer stops them and says that the engagement is off. Because now we will marry directly.

Update Credits: Atiba

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