Ajooni 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer confronts Ajooni and Avinash

Ajooni 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer confronts Ajooni and Avinash

Ajooni 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer confronts Ajooni and Avinash

Ajuni Oct 1, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Ravindra thanks Avinash for treating Acuni. Bebe says but he couldn’t save our heir. Ravindra says it’s luck, asks Avinash to sit down, they will have dinner together. She asks about her family. Avinash says that these are my mother and my sister. Ravindra asks if he is single. He nods. Ravindra asks if he ever got engaged. Dolly feels that she doesn’t know that Avinash is engaged to Ajuni. Bebe asks about her background, but Ravindra tells her to stop. Avinash gets Ajuni’s message and wonders who knows Aman wasn’t pregnant.

Harman tells Dolly we’ve crossed a level, did you send blackmail messages to Ajuni? Dolly says yes but doesn’t answer. Harman says he shouldn’t find out it’s you. Dolly says not to worry, she gives him a message.

Akuni receives another message saying that her secret will be revealed. Ajuni freaks out.

Ravindra asks Avinash when his new hospital will open. Avinash receives a message from Ajuni that someone is blackmailing her, she worries about her. Dolly brings tea for Avinash. She says I have to go immediately. She leaves from there. Dolly smiled.

Shikha sits with her father, he says that Harvinder hasn’t come yet, he has to come because of our work plan. When Harvinder knocks on the door, his father locks him in a room and asks him to start his drama. He cries and says that Shikha has locked herself in a room. He brings Harvinder to the house and tells him I’m scared, he’s locked himself in the room. Harvinder runs to her and finds her holding her rope. He asks her to calm down. His father says that Harvinder is here. Harvinder hugs her and tells her that you can’t die. Harvinder knocks Shikha down. His father says what is our crime? We accept you, your father insulted us, but my daughter loves you. Harvinder says that Shikha and I will get married no matter what. Shikha hugs him and smiles.

Avinash leaves Ajuni’s house. He quietly goes to the terrace. Dolly looks at him and smiles.

Avinash meets Ajuni on the terrace, she says that messages scare me. What will I do if I lose Rajiv’s trust? Avinash says don’t worry, I’m with you. He takes her hand, but Rajveer gets there and shoots into the air. They are shocked. Rajveer slaps Avinash across the face and yells how dare you have an affair with my wife? He begins to beat her and takes her to the house. Acuni says that it is not. Ravindra and others come there. Ravindra asks what happened. Rajveer yells that he is having an affair with my wife. He puts a gun on her and says I’m not dumb. Acuni says it’s not like that, trust me. Rajveer points a gun at him and yells at him to shut up. Ajuni is surprised. Seeing this, Acuni begins to cry. Rajveer says I kept trusting you, but did you do the same? He shoots into the air and Akuni goes down. Avinash tries to get closer to her but he pushes her away. Rajveer yells at Aduni that I tried hard for you, but what did I get? I wish he didn’t love you, otherwise he would… He points a gun at her. Everybody sees her She’s out of there. Ravindra grabs Acuni and tells her to stop crying. Bebe says let’s talk inside. She asks Avinash to come in for the verdict. Seeing this, Acuni begins to cry.

PRECAP: Ravindra bound Ajuni and Avinash with pillars, says they will both be punished. Rajveer talks to his friends, his friend says: do you think that ajuni will do something like this? he listens to your heart. Ravindra along with a hunter is about to kill Acuni, but Rajveer arrives and captures him.

Update Credits: Atiba

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