Agnisakshi 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika and Satvik give their consent for marriage

Agnisakshi 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika and Satvik give their consent for marriage

Agnisakshi 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika and Satvik give their consent for marriage

Agnisakshi Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Jeevika thinking that she cannot write her destiny any better and says that her happiness is Satvik and he is her life partner. Manas drives the car and takes Satvik to the temple. Satvik says that he wants to meet Jeevika and tell him everything about her. Rajnandini calls Satvik. Satvik was about to pick up the phone when someone stopped in front of the car. Rajnandini says that she is on her way. Pradeep says we will leave. Manas and Satwik get out of the car and ask the boy if he is alright. The boy starts to argue. Satwik calls Rajnandini and tells her that they had an accident and he will come there after they settle down. Pradeep argues with Rajnandini and tells him that if he had left early, the accident would not have happened. He says that we will leave. Rajnandini says that she is worried about Satvik and says that she will keep the promise that she made to him. Pradeep says to let him go. Pallavi says that they have come for Jivi. Rajnandini says that after Satvik arrives, she arranges the marriage here. Pallavi says that Pandit ji said that today is an auspicious time. Pradeep says that it is not our custom to get married without knowing the guy. He says that Jeevika has to know and like Satvik. He says that a wrong marriage decision can ruin her life. Pallavi thinks my husband could sink my ship and thinks how to fix the whole mess. Rajnandini says that I have no other way than to apologize. She says if you don’t want to make an alliance then we’ll go. Pallavi stops him and says that even if we agree to this alliance, Satvik and Jeevika can meet and like each other, and they can refuse if they don’t like each other. After refusing, Pradeep says that I am wrong and says that this is not a game. He agrees with Baba Pradeep. Pallavi asks Baba to understand. Pradeep says that first Jeevika will let him know and says that she will not take any further steps without Jeevika’s approval. Jeevika reaches there and says that she agrees to this alliance. Shloka and Aaradhya smile. Rajnandini also smiled. Aai tells Pradeep not to say anything now. Jeevika says that I have a condition. Rajnandini asks what is the condition. Jeevika says that after marriage, I can’t forget my old relatives, my family has done a lot for me and now it is my turn to help my family to repay the loan of 42 lakhs. Pradeep says that he will repay the loan. Baba says that I took the loan and we will repay it. He asks her to consider her a daughter-in-law and not a daughter. Jeevika says that she will remain a daughter even after the marriage. She tells Rajnandini that her only condition is that if she wants to help her family, Satwik or anyone else she won’t mind. Rajnandini definitely says.

Manas asks Satvik to come. Satwik says that Juhi called and said that Jeevika agreed to the marriage. Aaradhya asks Shlok if she likes Bhabhi. He says yes. Juhi says that his estate and his bank balance will increase after the marriage and says that the loan is too small for Bhosle. Shloka says that her sister-in-law clearly said that he will repay her loan on her account and that he does not want any help from her. Juhi says that he is not your bhabhi yet. Shloka answers him. Juhi leaves.

Jeevika brings Pradeep ice cream and asks him to eat it. Pradeep says no. He asks her if she has made this marriage decision under pressure from someone. Jeevika says no and says that on the day of the accident, Mai told me that my Krishna would find me, and today she told me that Satvik is my Krishna. She says that this seems strange and says that it is God’s wish that he chose Satvik for me. They ate ice cream together.

Satwik asks Rajnandini if ​​Jeevika has made this decision for anyone. Rajnandini says that Jeevika is very lucky as she is taking care of her. She says that she is a good girl and that she will take care of you. He says they forced me, but I don’t know why she agreed. He says that maybe she has some compulsion and asks if she knows about me, Supriya and this marriage. Rajnandini says that he told everything to Pallavi. She asks him to meet her and tell him everything about this marriage and Supriya, then he will not have any confusion or doubt about anyone. Satvik says no, I’m not doubting you. She says that I don’t give anyone a chance to doubt me, I only worry about you and Baba. She says that I will call her bhabhi and arrange your meeting with her. Pallavi dances and thinks after Jeevika, Swara will also get married, and how long will Aai and Baba live? She says that then we will only be 4 years old and says that she could have another child. Ai reaches there and thanks Pallavi. Pallavi says that Jeevika is dearer than my real sister. Aai hugs Pallavi. Rajnandini pretends to call Pallavi. Satvik says no. Rajnandini says that the call was dialed by mistake. Satvik says that if I need to meet Jeevika, and tells her that her sister-in-law will tell her, since you want the best for me, she also wants the same. He says that I don’t think he knows her and says that if you agree then I have no problem with this alliance. Rajnandini asks are you sure? They say deal. Rajnandini smiled.

Precap will be added later.

Update credit: H Hassan

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