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Sulochana gets really upset when Niyati comes into the room she immediately asks where is her father when Niyati explains to her that they will not release their father until Abhimanyu and Angad withdraw the case. . Sulochana starts crying on hearing that Niyati tells that the court case will also start soon, so they have to do something.

Mr. Pandey says he has been trying to inform them since last half hour that Ram Mishra has not even raised his hand on him, so why are they not agreeing to anything, Inspector explains that to talk with Angad. After that they will understand everything. Really mad when Angad says that Gajendra Pandey is old news but these days only Angad is walking in Lucknow, Mr Pandey is about to beat him up when Meera stops him.

Sulochana asks if it was Angad’s situation, Niyati responds not only to him but also to Abhimanyu as they both want it for their case, she reveals that Abhimanyu wants to protect his mother while Angad himself, Niyati Asks where is Nidya, she starts calling. Sulochana reveals that she went with Abhimanyu, Niyati is stunned to hear that and even drops the vase that she told him. Why let go, Sulochana says it is possible that they are not aware of the truth otherwise he would have come straight home but it is not possible, Niyati is shocked to say that she should not have given permission, she questions that. Where Sulochana left him, he reveals that she took Nidya to Sharma ji’s house where he asked her to keep an eye on her friend. And his uncle comes to pick him up.

Niyati rushes to fetch Nidya, while she waits at Sharma ji’s footsteps, Abhimanyu and Kavya stop when she comes to hug Nidya, both of them laughing and Abhimanyu also explaining this to her. Embraces that when she left the house she thought the plan was doomed, but she is happy that she is back as they were going to enjoy, Sulochana stops Niyati from going in front of Abhimanyu as it only affects all of them. Sulochana reveals that she has clearly instructed Nidya not to tell them about herself. He’s sure Nidya won’t tell anything until she trusts them all completely, but they need to find a way to release their father and meet with a lawyer.

Nidya gets out of the car and is surprised to see such a big house, she is really fascinated by it and wants their house to be like that too, Abhimanyu asks her to treat this house as her own when Nidya replies When Kavya asks him to come as she is going to give him a tour of the house, she starts showing him the garden explaining that there are twenty five trees in it, Nidia is stunned. Abhimanyu then takes Nidya into the house, praises her and on seeing the temple immediately runs to pray in front of her, Abhimanyu smiles that she is very young but still knows it all, Meera comes to Kavya and asks who she is, Kavya realizes that she is his new friend, but before they were enemies, but uncle helps them become friends, Nidya comes running to seek her blessings, Meera Asks his name and is shocked, Nidiya reveals that her mother told her to always prostrate before God and respect elders. Meera says that Dadi will always like her very much. Kavya tells that she has gone to Banaras but if she had been here she would have told him lots of stories about God, Meera tells her to meet her father when Abhimanyu assures that he is going to come back.

Mr. Pandey is talking with his friend Bhoj ji that there was a time when he would do anything but now he is refusing to help release his friend, he ends the call in distress when Abhimanyu asks. That’s what happened, Mr. Pandey questions why he didn’t attend his call. On attending his call, Abhimanyu reveals that he had gone out of the market, but Mr. Pandey questions why he arrested Ram because he hated someone. There is a limit to doing too, Abhimanyu replies that he has not done anything but Mr. Pandey reveals that he is the one who answered yes when Angad called. Abhimanyu replies that he thought it must be something related to destiny, Mr Pandey reveals that destiny had come to his house but then Angad called him and even he said yes, he revealed that when He had a fight with Ram when he went to meet him but after Angad also took his name in front of destiny, Abhimanyu is actually furious by saying that Ram uncle will be released within ten minutes.

Abhimanyu enters the room when Angad is drinking beer and says that his beer has run out, Abhimanyu breaks a bottle and he also threatens Angad as to why he does this when he asked her to do anything. Said, Angad explains that he did it for her because destiny is the one who filed the case against him and his mother takes it back and everyone will be released once this clause is filled and this is what he wanted, Abhimanyu angrily explains that he wants to do this because he knows that his mother is innocent and Angad also has nothing to do with it because mother took his side but what he did to papa is really wrong, Angad smiles and asks if he is sorry for destiny so his old love has started coming back, Abhimanyu explains that he only hates her and doesn’t give right to anyone to come between them, he has her to make sure. They have only ten minutes to be released.

Angad questions how dare he question her, he is about to kill her when kids come they both stop, Kavya questions why are they fighting when Abhimanyu explains that they are just playing boxing When he warns Angad to never come between him and Niyati, he asks her sister-in-law to take them away. Angad is really angry.

Niyati tells Sulochana as the lawyer assures her that it will take some time to release her father when he calls her from behind, she tells in shock that she is happy that he is back, Ram reveals that Angad is back. withdraws the hearing of the case which Sulochana says that she is glad that they still value the relationship when Ram replies that he never gave importance to the relationship.

Abhimanyu informs Gajendra Pandey that Ram Chacha has been released, Mr. Pandey tells him to start giving some time to their relationship, since then he will be able to put an end to the differences between them. Maybe, Abhimanyu replies that he has started giving connection to listen for sometime. Mr. Pandey is pleased. Nidya and Kavya come running when she learns that he is the father of her uncle Abhimanyu, so is his grandfather.

Ram tells angrily that he never thought that Abhimanyu would threaten him and even send him to jail, what is left now but this is enough as he needs to break the burden of this relationship, he is going to divorce Abhimanyu. It is, fate is surprised.

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