Abhimanyu-Akshara stans get into fight over separation; AbhiRa’s baby boy grabs attention

Abhimanyu-Akshara stans get into fight over separation; AbhiRa’s baby boy grabs attention

Abhimanyu-Akshara stans get into fight over separation; AbhiRa’s baby boy grabs attention

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is one of the oldest TV shows in the country. The show stars Harshad Chopra and Pranali Rathod alongside Karishma Sawant. Recently, the story of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai took a major dramatic turn. It so happened that Neel died and one of Akshara’s sons was also killed. Abhimanyu also blames Birla for the deaths in the Akshara family. Abhimanyu divorces Akshara. He left Birla. House and did not return to the Goenka. And now there is a jump. Also Read: Anupama Got A Big Scare While She Was Wandering For Someone’s Love; KBC 14 Leads Among Most Loved Hindi TV Shows [Check TOP 10]

Big twist in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara is having a baby

In the next episode of the TV show starring Harshad Chopra and Pranali Rathod, we will see a jump of 5 years. Akshara and Aarohi’s children will be introduced after the jump. According to the social media rumor, Aarohi will have a daughter while Akshara will have a son. Yes, you read that right. Yesterday we shared photos of the two children, and netizens thought it was them. The daughter of Shivaansh and Aarohi. And now, the video and photos of a little boy along with Akshara (Sashishna Rathod) and Abhinav (Jay Soni) are going viral. Abhira Stans concludes that Akshara and Abhimanyu will have a child. She has already fallen in love with the little one. Also Read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai BIG TWIST: Akshara Announces Marriage; Abhira Fans Go Wild As Photos Of Little Boys While Shooting Go Viral

Check out the new leaked video of Abhira’s baby here:

I already said that??
BH girl was for the princess, right? Who has to have a daughter?
But people said if our theory is correct or not, the jump will not come?
enjoy now #Yarkakh #abhira https://t.co/jn1JPjhTfD

Fuck you DKP! ~ Shanaya? (@inkedwords0511) January 4, 2023

Hello !! Shut up everyone, Birla Prince has come?? Look at it Little Harry Potter It looks super cute#Yarkakh #abhira pic.twitter.com/iMck9c91NF

—Anisha (@desigal26) January 4, 2023

Why couldn’t they just show Akshu as a strong and independent single mother? WTF is there more in the Maker Book? #Yarkakh #abhira pic.twitter.com/rB5QXUsMNH

-Meera? (@samirayeesmin13) January 4, 2023

Abhimanyu and Akshara fans are very upset with this separation

Every TV show has a huge fan base. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is also one of them. Abhimanyu and Akshara’s TV Jodi also has a huge fan base. However, sometimes differences arise between fans. It usually varies by track. And that leads to a fight between the fans of the main characters. And that is exactly what happened with the fans of Abhimanyu and Akshara. They are currently fighting over the travel and behavior of the show’s characters. Blame each other (characters) for separation and differences. Entertainment News Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all about Abhira split and ongoing track. See the tweets here: Also Read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kumkum Bhagya And Other Hindi TV Shows Leaping In 2023

I am ? For sure Akshu is not married to Abhinav, this truth will be revealed only at the last moment. #Yarkakh

—Suvetha (@Suvetha____44) January 4, 2023

hmm at least abhinav akshu is ok but aarohi now i can’t? , The bond of her was truly like brother and sister. better bring new person for abhi (if you want to show) #Yarkakh

—Suvetha (@Suvetha____44) January 4, 2023

Even if Abhi finds out about the boy after the jump, he will think that he is the son of Abhinav and Akshara. #Yarkakh

—Juveria Khan (@juveria10626715) January 4, 2023

i want some fans to blame ak are you really sure let your son call abhinav papa judge ak before you watch the episode let’s start jumping after deciding on him if he dad say she is right because abhinav gets on your side in a difficult situation.#Yarkakh

— Elmire Kouki (@kinzouelmire) January 4, 2023

Everyone curses AK for leaving with a stranger.
Have they forgotten that Akshara and Abhinav are married now, he is not a stranger to her, he is her husband?
she is happy with him
The evidence is (photo frame)
so stop cussing him out#Yarkakh #abhimanyu birla #Abhira? #HarshadChopra?

, (@jazminjazu) January 4, 2023

Also if you still have so many problems please promote Akshara Abhinav or anyone why you have focused only on Aarohi, your son and Abhi if not passion what should you say? #YRKKH

— mad_for_harshad (@Bepannah No 1 Fan) January 4, 2023

Abhinav – Do you have a second chance, Desakti?
How did you know this was the second chance? In Husu or Rau..#yrkkh #abhira

, (@MukhtalifAnu) January 4, 2023

You all cannot accept that Abhi’s son calls Abhinav daddy but Jharu’s daughter calls him daddy. #Yarkakh

— Muntaha (@Muntaha39245671) January 4, 2023

Abhimanyu is a bad father, but Sal’s mother, Akshara, repeatedly puts herself in dangerous situations when a fetus runs away, instead of returning to her family for the safety of her son, leading to more adventures. #yrkkh

—Navya Sehgal (@bha10584002) January 4, 2023

Abhimanyu marries Aarohi
So-called fake neutrals: disgusting toxic, cheap, Virat 2.0

akshara living with a stranger
Called King Neutral: Wow Akshara, you’ve gone ahead, you’ve made the best decision.

Me: Bhaak sister hypocrite? #harshadchopra #abhimanyu birla #Yarkakh

(@Harshads_Era) January 4, 2023

So Akshara can get help from a complete stranger, but not from her family. He’s mad at BP, but what about the others? He must also have his own money. Why does he long to accept a favor from a stranger? Why can’t she be by herself? If you want to show the poor, show ML.

— Nyx (OG toxic Abhimanyu Birla stan?) (@Nyx37694363) January 4, 2023

After the jump, Abhimanyu Birla will blame Akshara for keeping his son away from him and I expect Akshara’s response to start with a heavy slap. #Yarkakh

—Abhira_Len (@Abhiramyheart) January 4, 2023

of course.
That’s why I said it’s coercion.
I don’t know what century the story takes place in.
made abhimanyu bad
Do the same for Akshara in the eyes of Gonkas and Birla.
everything is forced
you can’t justify it#Yarkakh #harshadchopra #Pranali Rathore #abhira https://t.co/uieEnw2ot1

– Sara Waqar (@SaraWaqar07) January 4, 2023

The fans of the so-called Abhira want Akshara with Abhinav so that they can see Abhimanyu hurt and heartbroken in the future while he keeps his son away from her as if the lady has made fewer mistakes. But Abhimanyu cannot marry a widow just married by his son. #Yarkakh for his brother

— Ash’s Pikachu (@priyankajaya9) January 4, 2023

Net worth praise for Akshara’s bold moves?
Is Abhimanyu just a vessel of filth?#Yarkakh pic.twitter.com/HjUGxqZlm5

– Kadwa (@kadwa16) January 3, 2023

So the best decision for both Abhimanyu and Akshara is to stay away from each other.
& nothing just waits for the right moment
because sometimes only time has a solution for everything
And this time he will answer to both Abhi and Akshu. #abhira #Yarkakh #harshadchopra #pranalirathod

—Ghazal | Ghazal (@ghazal_Bux) January 3, 2023

Hopefully Akshara addresses Abhinav as Abhi in front of Abhimanyu and wants to see Abhimanyu’s face… it will be fun, he deserves the pain he has caused Akshara. #yrkkh

—Sneha Parvati (@snehaseshan) January 3, 2023

Custody drama is definitely loading… manju b like ye akshara ki glitti hai..ja abhi hamare khandaan ke children ko lekar aa… y abhimanyu b like je maa.?#Yarkakh

– Swati Bhalla (@swatibhalla4) January 3, 2023

Meanwhile, following the rumors online, the post-jump episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is said to be able to air from Monday. There is no confirmation yet.

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