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Jackie Chan at an awards ceremony.

jackie chan filmography

Jackie Chan is one of the most loved action stars in the world. The actor has acted in over 100 movies that showcase his unique fighting style and inspire generations to witness his onscreen talent in kung-fu. Chan has been a popular face around the world, thanks to his films that are perfect for the family watch. From action to comedy, Jackie Chan movies are known to promise complete entertainment and we bet some of your favorite movies by the actor include Drunken Master franchise, Police Story, Rush Hour etc. The actor has been acting in films of the 1960s and while he became a big star in Hong Kong, the actor found success in Hollywood in the 1990s. The actor has also received his stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As we celebrate the legendary action star’s birthday, we take a look at some interesting facts that many might not know about. You will be surprised to know these interesting facts about the star.

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