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4 employee diets will be increased, know the latest update of DA and delinquency

New Delhi. Retired Central Employees: There is good news for central employees. In September, there may be a big jump in the salaries of retirees of central employees and retirees of retirees. In addition, along with the increase in the employee dearness allowance, a decision can be made on the 18-month outstanding DA. Let’s Get the Full Facts Due to the 4 percent increase in the employee dearness allowance, a decision can be made on the 18-month outstanding DA. On the other hand, by increasing DA, you can get the benefit of housing rental subsidy, travel subsidy, tip and other subsidies.

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With the increase in DA, the amount of PF and the tip of the employees will also increase. At the same time, there will be an increase in the city and the travel allowance. In addition to this, the HRA of the central employees will also be modified from time to time. It will benefit more than 47.68 lakh central employees and more than 68.52 lakh pensioners. There will be a jump in salary from 20 thousand to 2.50 lakh.

The Modi government in the Center may announce a 4% increase in the deficiency allowance and famine relief for the second half of August. After the publication of the June data from the AICPI index, it is believed that the DA of the employees will increase between 4 and 5%. If implemented from July 1, July-August backlogs will also be available.
If the basic salary of a central employee is Rs 20,000 per month, then at the current rate of 34% he gets AD of Rs 6,800 per month, then at 38% this amount will increase by Rs 800 per month. 7,600. That is, you will get a benefit of Rs 9,600 per year, according to this, the annual AD of an employee with base salary of Rs 20,000 will be Rs 91,200.
If we look at the maximum basic salary of Rs 56,900, the total increase in the annual dearness allowance will be Rs 27,312. That is, there will be an increase of Rs 2276 every month against the existing DA. His total annual DA will reach 2 lakh Rs 59 thousand 464.

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18 months DA arrears to pay?
The 18-month outstanding DA of Central Employees-Pensioners (Seventh Payment Commission of Central Government employees) can also be considered. In this regard, a meeting of the Joint Consultative Mechanism (JSM) of officials from the Department of Personnel and Training and the Department of Expenditures (DoPT) of the Ministry of Finance will soon be held. However, official confirmation is yet to come. You will get accordingly.
If calculated for Tier 13 (7th CPC Basic Pay Scale from Rs 1,23,100 to Rs 2,15,900) or Tier 14 (Pay Scale), then the Scarcity Allowance in the employee’s hand will be from 1,44,200 rupees to Rs. 2, Rs 18,200. be paid.
If the employee’s basic salary is Rs 18,000, he can get arrears of 3 months (4,320+3,240+4,320) = Rs 11,880. If the employee’s basic salary is Rs 56,000, then he can receive DA installments for 3 months (13,656 + 10,242 + 13,656) = Rs 37,554. Tier 13 (Seventh Basic Pay Scale of CPC Rs. 1,23,100 to Rs. 2,15,900). Tier 14 (salary scale) will get DA arrears of Rs. 18,200 rupees

Possible increase in house rental subsidy?
Currently the HRA rates are 27%, 18% and 9% depending on the category of the city, it is possible to increase them to 3%. It is believed that soon the HRA for category X employees may be increased by 3 percent, for category Y by 2 percent and for category Z by 1 percent. Thereafter, it will increase from 27% to 30%, although it will be in case the AD increases from 34% to 50%.
According to the Seventh Payment Matrix, the maximum basic salary of employees is 56,900 rupees, if the HRA is 27 per cent, there will be a gain of 20,484 in salary. For example, if the house rent allowance is Rs 56,900 x 27/100 = Rs 15,363 per month, then 30% HRA If it is Rs 56,900 x 30/100 = Rs 17,070 per month, it means the total difference is Rs 1,707 per month. month the month will be month.
The annual HRA will increase by Rs 20,484. This fee varies by region and city, currently the minimum HRA for the three categories is Rs 5,400, 3,600 and 1,800. According to the same 7th salary matrix, the minimum salary for employees is Rs 18,000 and the maximum basic salary is Rs 56,900. ,

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