21 people died within one month in the village of Maharajganj – Maharajganj: 21 people died within one month in one village

Within one month, 21 people died in Chakra village on the forest side of Maharajganj district. However, a health check-up camp has not yet been set up in the village. There are cold fever patients who get well after taking medication after contacting the Hawker Print doctors and medical stores.The village of Chakdah has a total of 21 hamlets, including Shahpur, Magarbholi, Chakdah Khas, Jawhwa, Ghatwa, Marchahwa, Lalpur, Parati Tola, Belahia, Azad Nagar, Parasahwa, Manikapur, Belbhar, Mahulaina, Gharohi Tola. The population here is about 15 thousand. The distance to the Community Health Center Ratanpur is 15 kilometers. Shivnath Prasad, Vandeshwar, Shyam Bihari and Sugrim Vishwakarma from the village said that 21 people died from various diseases in one month.

The whole village is in a panic over 21 deaths. At the same time, Ramvriksha Sahni, Ramlakhan Sahni, Guddu, Dharmendra, Pancham, Mohan, Shibban, etc. of the village said that many people in the village have fever, cold and cough, but the situation is gradually improving. Medical supply stores and satchel prints People are slowly recovering from taking medication from the doctor.

He said that a covid investigation center has not yet been set up in this village, nor has a medical team come to take stock. Village chief Virendra Rajbhar announced that the village is clean. All people are made aware of cleanliness by following social distance, putting on masks and increasing the infection with the corona virus. Many people in the village who suffered from fevers and colds have almost recovered.

The Superintendent of the Community Health Center Ratanpur, Dr. Amit Kumar Gautam said that the camp will be held in Chakdah village. BDO and all village secretaries have been told to give a fever immediately if a village has a fever, cough, cold or difficulty breathing. The medical team will go there to investigate.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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