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The scene starts with running in the sweets market. She comes to her father’s shop and says I presented sweets to God in the temple. Mithai says that the sweets of our shop are famous. She asks will I win sweet contest? He says of course.. it all turns out to be his dream. She falls from her bed. His mother comes there and says keep on dreaming and keep falling from your bed. She goes to get ready.

Mithai is cooking food in the kitchen while her mother is cleaning and setting up the temple. Mithai makes sweets, her mother asks her to present it to Gopal. Mithai prays to Gopal. His mother prays for his marriage so that he does not have to sell his sweets on the streets. Mithai says I want to do business before getting married. I want everyone to buy my sweets and then I become famous. I will have a big business. She says I am going to the competition today, I will win it and earn 2 lakhs for opening a shop. His mother tells him not to dream so big or else he will get hurt. Mithai says I saw father in dream and he also says I will win. She left. Her mother thinks that there will be famous contestants in the competition, how will Sweets win?

A family is talking about competition. The man brings sweets there. His brother-in-law says we are going to take part in the competition.

Sweets is preparing sweets for the competition. She says I am going to Mathura to take part in the competition. She ties her utensils to her cycle and gets ready to go. Her mother wishes her luck and she leaves.

Mithai comes to a temple and offers sweets to Gopal, she prays for his victory. She goes to the market and sees her father’s closed shop. She says I will get this shop back soon after earning money.

Sweets come to the railway station to go to Mathura. Some guru is lying on him. His friend asks to talk to him. Guru says if he doesn’t listen to me then I will catch him. He comes near sweets. She asks what happened? are you a porter now? He says I can be anything for you. She asks him to sit. He does. Sweets asks to pray for my victory today. She gets on the train. Guru thinks I don’t want her to win otherwise she will get back her father’s shop which was taken away by my father.

Guru comes to Mithai’s mother and tells her to marry Mithai to her and he will give them back to the shop. Her mother says that families talk about marriage. He says my mother will come to talk to you tomorrow and you have to say yes, he leaves. Her mother remembers how her friend had asked for a hand of sweets for her son Siddharth as a child. His mother says my sweets are different. Guru is from a rich family but he is not made for my sweets. Aarti’s son Siddharth would be best for sweets? I don’t even know where they are now. She sees the necklace that Aarti gave her as a promise.

Siddharth is crying seeing the photo of his mother Aarti. His father comes there and says we are going to the competition today but he doesn’t want to come with us? This day is important for us as we have been winning the competition for 4 years. Siddharth stares at her. His father says that I did a big business for him but he got a job after becoming a software engineer, he wants to be a slave of others. Bauji tells Siddharth’s father, Ginesh, to finish it. Sidharth says he is my father but after my mother left, he never supported me as a father, so I have no expectation from him and he should not expect any from me. Ganesha left in anger. Bauji says to Siddharth that I know you do not like this celebration, I know you are angry towards your father and you miss your mother but it is about our family. Please come with us Siddharth hugs her and says I always listen to you. Bauji asks her to bring Apeksha, we will all walk together.

Sweets is going to Mathura and keeps selling Jalebi on the way.

Siddharth’s family is preparing sweets for the competition. Dadi says I am trying to prepare Gopal. The children made delicious sweets. Bauji says we should take our old sweets and not these fusion sweets. Ginesh says that these are our best selling sweets, we earned a lot by selling them. You must see how I have taken your business to new heights. Bauji says we have lost our traditional taste. Ganesha says we make what is sold. Bauji hears the sound of sweets outside the house and goes to see them being sold on his bicycle. He smells her sweets and says it is delicious, please bring them inside. Mithai enters the house with her and is stunned to see a big house. Ginesh comes there and stares at her.

The episode ends.

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