1st Epi – Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Ishani’s first unique meet

1st Epi – Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Ishani’s first unique meet

1st Epi – Lag Ja Gale 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Ishani’s first unique meet

Lag Ja Gale Feb 7, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The show is starting in New Delhi. Ishani opens the door and walks in. She hangs her coat on her and washes her face. Her face has come to the fore. Someone asks if Ishani came. Ishani sets the alarm and falls asleep. Eye comes in the morning. Ishani asks why your eyes are closed. Aai reminds him that today is her birthday. Ishani sings her happy birthday song. Aai asks him to do as she says and asks him to quit the part-time job and find a good job. She says that you have become thin. Ishani says that part time job is beneficial and she says that she can do 4 jobs at a time, she can get such a job so that she can earn money for pooja tai’s marriage and neeti’s studies, so that her dad can survive alone. work Ai says that you are not my daughter, but Bappa’s blessings. It was Ishani’s dream. She looks at the time and it is 4:30. Rachna asks him to bring water from the tanker which must have arrived by now. Ishani gets out and queues to go get water. She empties the utensils into another container and she brings water back. She keeps the water and goes back to sleep. Soon it is 6 in the morning. She gets up and says good morning dad. In the morning, Pooja gives him tea. Ishani thanks him and says if 5 stars don’t come how will I get an incentive? Pooja asks when you got home. Ishani says at 1:30. She then she says 2:30. Pooja asks why you brought water when you were late and says that it was Rachna’s turn yesterday. She says I’ll see her. Ishani says that Rachna will look better, if she has dark circles, how will she pass the audition? She says that Aunty Reshma said that she bought kebabs from Baba, and he makes better kebabs than Maharashtra. She gives him the receipt for Ai’s birthday cake and asks him to give it to the delivery man. Pooja says that she didn’t buy a present for Aai. Ishani says that she will buy a nose ring for Aai and manage. She says that I’ll be doing second shift today, and says that it’s Ai’s birthday to be celebrated. She asks him to pray that she always gets a 5-star rating. She leaves the house.

Get Shiv Dhoopar taxi booking. She comes to the hotel to pick him up. The guard asks her to leave since she is not allowed to park for more than 8 minutes. He asks her to leave. She is about to leave when Shiv arrives and tells her the OTP. He sits in the taxi and asks you to walk? She calls Kamal and asks why he didn’t come looking for her. Kamal says that his wife is not well. Shiva sends him away and asks him to take care of his wife. Ishani feels bad for the driver. He asks her to turn up the air conditioning. She holds it up. She thinks that she has to do something to save the driver. She suddenly applies the brakes, which causes her phone to fall. He scolds her and tells her that her phone and her laptop fell off. She starts over and takes a shorter route. The taxi stops on the way. Shiv asks what happened. She gets out and checks the car. She asks if her height is 6.1. She says no, 6.4′. She says that the tire of the car is flat, she will change it. She asks you how to change the car. She says yes, and tells him that she will leave him and asks him to give her 5 minutes. She looks for another taxi and sees that the waiting time is 40 minutes. She puts the laptop bag back in the car. She sees the jack get loose and the car falls on her. He grabs her and they tumble down. He has a lock on his eyes. They return in the car. She says that Jack was on the loose. He changes the tire. She takes out a bottle of water and asks him to wash his hands. She washes her hands. Lag ja gale plays… She sits in the car. She thanks him for helping her and says that I’ll leave you in the first place for 15 minutes. He asks if you know the Delhi traffic. She asks him to check the time while she drops him off at her destination. She drives and says we’re 1 minute early. She gets off and asks him to give her a good grade. She says you don’t know how to drive a car, you don’t know how to change a tire, and you don’t even know about the world. They say this world runs on money, not reviews. They say that nothing is greater than money. He gives her the money and asks her to keep the change. She goes into her office. He checks that he has given 2 marks for driving.

He comes to his mother and takes her blessings. He asks when you arrived. He says half an hour ago. He says that Kamal didn’t come to the airport and he has to book a taxi. He says that it is your fault to keep all the employees in the head. His mother says that I did not tell Kamal’s wife that she was not well. She says that she would have sent another driver or Yash. Shiva says that Yash must have been late for his fashion show. He says I know how you drive. She says that she will set Kamal on fire. Shiv says to leave him, her wife is not well and he needs her. His mother says that people misunderstand you, but you care so much about others, unless you tell them, how will they know you have feelings? Shiva says that I don’t even show my feelings to myself because people will take advantage of me. He says that no one cares and that my feelings and emotions will not come out of me. He says that we have lost a lot because of these feelings. He looks at a photo frame. She asks how their meeting was. He says that the international wedding will be good at our hotel. She asks if she sent her lunch. He says no, I’ll take him to the hotel. He remembers his past and gets angry. He walks in and sees the photos of him with his brother Aniket. He plays table tennis, yells and cries. He says if she’s not here then I hate being alive. He says my twin brother Aniket, I thought we would be together for life, my older brother who was 12 seconds older than me, you were quick to come and go fast. He says that we couldn’t save you from the kidnappers, that we had no money then. He tells our father that he was responsible for kidnapping him. He says we have a lot of money now, please he comes back to me. he he cries.

Ishani suddenly stops the car and says please don’t cry. The woman sitting in the back seat asks who was crying. Ishani says that she felt. The lady tells her that someone close to her must be crying and says that you will never know when someone will be yours.

Precap: Ishani arrives at Shiv’s house with other girls. Someone tells Shiva’s mother that his girlfriend will enter the house. Ishani walks in there. She goes to Shiv’s bathroom. they shouted. Shiva asks him to come out of her. They later meet with an accident, when Ishani is driving the car and Shiva is driving his. She offers to pay for the damages. Ishani says whether she has any humanity or not. They reach the temple and seek the blessings of the Lord, when Mata Rani’s scarf falls on her head. Pandit ji blesses them to be together forever. They look at each other.

Update credit: H Hassan

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