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10 Myths About Natural Hair Everyone Believes Are True

10 Myths About Natural Hair Everyone Believes Are True

Hair is the crown we always wear. Lush, strong, shiny hair is what every woman desires and every man dreams of. No wonder there are so many myths about hair floating around in the market. Now we have Ms. Geetika Srivastava, Dermatologist, here to dispel some of the common hair myths for you.

  1. Hair oil controls dandruff

Dandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia. This type of fungus is a natural resident of the scalp microbiome and feeds on oil. This oil can be part of the scalp’s natural oil secretion or it can be an external hair oil application. The fungus feeds on oil and leaves behind white, scaly scales known as scales as a residue. So using oil will make dandruff worse, not control it. Dandruff can only be fought and not permanently cured.

Hair oil controls dandruff

  1. Hair oil cures hair loss

The good old “champi maalish” is deeply rooted in Indian culture. However, oiling does not directly affect hair health or hair loss. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and relieves tension headaches. It can also act as a conditioner for the hair, thereby preventing matted and frizzy hair.

  1. Absolutely no hair loss is normal

I encounter numerous complaints about hair loss on a daily basis. And more than half of these complaints are dubious. This is because some hair loss is normal. Hair is a constantly growing organ made of keratin tissue. Our nails are made of the same fabric. And just like nails grow, break, and grow back, hair falls out and grows back, too. About 10-100 hair loss in a day is considered normal. This much hair loss can occur without affecting hair density or volume and is considered normal.

Absolutely no hair loss is normal

  1. Biotin is the only vitamin for hair health

Biotin has been given more importance than it deserves. It is also known as vitamin H, where “H” means hair. But biotin alone cannot make your hair stronger. Our body needs 118 nutrients in 24 hours to function. How can hair be different? What works for hair nutrition is cyclic vitamin therapy. These provide a synergistic combination of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis but in a cyclical manner. This promotes hair growth and works better than biotin supplements alone.

  1. Rinsing with cold water makes hair shinier

Hair shines when light reflects off smooth textured hair. Hair straightness is achieved when the hair’s “cuticle” is intact. The hair cuticle is a shiny coating around the hair shaft that can lead to frizzy hair when damaged. Cold water has nothing to do with cuticles and therefore cannot make your hair shinier.

Rinsing with cold water makes hair shinier

  1. Frequent trimming makes hair grow faster

You will often find that your hairstylist recommends trimming hair to encourage hair growth. This is the biggest myth of all. Hair grows at a certain rate (about 0.35 mm/day) that depends on genetic, ethnic and racial factors. Trimming the hair can only help to cut the damaged frizzy part of your ponytail with split ends. It cannot make your hair grow faster because hair grows from hair roots embedded deep in the scalp.

Frequent trimming makes hair grow faster

  1. Dyeing hair can make gray hair worse

Many of you may be in the habit of coloring your hair to cover gray hair. And you might notice a few shades of gray when your root touch-up is next due. They often tend to blame the innocent hair color. However, this is far from true. Gray hair can be due to genetics, aging, sun exposure, and stress. Hair dye or hair plucking cannot make gray hair worse.

  1. Dandruff means dry scalp

Dandruff is due to an oily scalp and a fungus that is activated in the presence of oil to produce white, greasy and scaly dandruff. A dry scalp is caused by dryness of the scalp and is often associated with itching. People often confuse dry scalp with dandruff since dandruff and itching are common symptoms. However, there are subtle differences between the two. If you feel itchy immediately after using the shampoo, it is a dry scalp. However, if the itching and dandruff develop gradually 2 to 3 days after shampooing, it is dandruff.

  1. Towel drying is better than blow drying

Blow drying is often said to be dangerous because the high temperature it involves can damage hair and cause “blister hair” which is prone to breakage and hair breakage (aka trichoschisis). However, drying towels can be just as damaging if done incorrectly. Rubbing hair vigorously with a towel can cause frizzy hair. It is better to just wrap your hair in a cotton towel to dry the hair gradually. You can also sleep over a silk pillowcase to avoid rubbing.

  1. Split ends can be treated

Hair dusting is a salon-based procedure for trimming split ends. However, cutting off split ends is the only way to “treat” them, as split ends cannot be reversed. They are the result of friction, high temperature, aging and genetics. The only real way to treat them is to prevent them in the first place.

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